The influencer known as Epa Colombia celebrated with a trip having finished her sentence for vandalism in TransMilenio. This is how she revealed it on her social networks, where she is seen on a walk in Panama.

“Friend, I wanted to tell you that I can now leave the country. In Colombia I served my sentence. Four super difficult years friend and I decided to travel to Panama, my dear friend. Yes friend, to expand with my keratin business. Then, my friend, I went for a walk and asked my mother for permission to give away money, “said Epa Colombia on her networks.

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The influencer can be seen in the video handing out tickets to several children and to other people such as the elderly and needy. It also shows his lazy days at the beach and at the pool.

Daneidy Barrera, better known as ‘Epa Colombia’, continues to give people something to talk about due to the controversial scenes in which she stars. She was also targeted by her followers a few days ago for drinking beer while she was driving and then she did it again, but with a firearm.

The Colombian influencer and businesswoman attended a shooting range a few days ago and, as is customary, shared the moment with her followers. In the footage of her, posted by herself on her Instagram account, she is seen firing the gun at a stationary target, while a smile forms on her face.

Barrera fired four shots in a row, before trying to turn to look at the camera, which was recording at that moment. The problem? He still held the apparently loaded pistol in his right hand.

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Before the content creator could complete her move, one of the site managers appeared, carefully took the weapon and deactivated it, thus preventing the influencer from a tragic incident.