The influencer Daneidy Barrera Rojas, known as ‘Epa Colombia’, was criticized for a video uploaded to her stories, in which he is seen inside a vehicle having a beer.

Although the influencer is in the driver’s position and the car is stopped, it can be seen that it is traveling through the streets of the capital.

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In the images shared on the Instagram “La gossip news” it is seen that the influencer was at a celebration, which, according to the profile mentioned above, would belong to her neighbors.

As for the story, “Epa Colombia” is seen listening to “bad woman” by Paola Jara, while consuming an intoxicating drink, a motorcyclist approaches him and in a quick maneuver hides the can. As this man leaves, he takes out the beer again.

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What is the fine for driving while intoxicated?

The state of drunkenness is established by means of a test, if it determines that the driver has a zero degree of alcoholemia, which corresponds to between 20 and 39 mg of ethanol/100 ml of whole bloodare exposed to the following sanctions:

If it’s the first time you commit the mistakeyour driver’s license will be suspended for one year, you will be fined 90 legal daily minimum wages in force (SMDLV), and you will have to do community actions for the prevention of driving under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances for 20 hours. At 2023 prices, one SMDLV is equivalent to 38,666 pesos, for which the fine of 90 SMLDV in this case would be 3,480,000 pesos.

If it is the second time that the driver is found under this degree of drunkenness, the pass will be suspended for a year, he must pay a a fine of 135 SMDLV ($5,219,910), and will have to do community actions for 20 hours.

If it is the third time, the license is suspended for 3 years, the fine is 180 SMDLV ($6,959,880) and community actions for 30 hours.

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