Daneidy Barrera Rojas, better known on social networks as ‘Epa Colombia’, she is one of the most controversial influencers in the country. Today, the woman is a prominent businesswoman for her keratin and hair products venture.

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Recently, the influencer gave details of her lifeafter he visited Jhoncito ‘make me famous’ and the pirate Morgan in ‘Tardes Famosas’, programs broadcast on the Colombian radio station ‘La Kalle’.

Nevertheless, the subject arose around his sentimental separation with the soccer player Diana Celis, with whom she had a loving relationship for an extensive period in which they shared experiences and achieved various achievements together. However, as in many relationships, they did eventually come to an end, but not amicably.

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Despite the fact that Daneidy had addressed the issue on his social networks and had expressed his intention not to speak about it again, It is evident that this situation affected him deeply.

In fact, mentioned the legal problems associated that practically left in ruins everything that had materially achieved up to that moment.

According to the interview, the influencer stated that he has learned to set limits with people, even when love is involved.

In addition, he made reference to the fact that, during their separation, he had to give up several of his assets to his ex-partner. This episode taught her the importance of setting clear boundaries and protecting her own interests, even in emotionally difficult situations.

“You can sign from the beginning and that was what I did not do, in the midst of my ignorance, that one does not believe that one is going to achieve so many things, one does not sign and how was I going to make capitulations if I only had a motorcycle”, Epa Colombia expressed during the interview.

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On the other hand, he also expressed that he has learned from this experience and wishes his ex-partner the best. Nevertheless, he has adopted a less trusting attitude towards people.

Being so, with his new partner, Karol, they have signed legal documents to prevent similar situations from happening again in the future. “Yes, of course, with Karol I have already signed capitulations and something very nice has come out, that what is yours is yours and what is mine is mine,” the businesswoman pointed out.


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