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Lately, it is very rare to see Audrey Fleurot in a thriller and a fortiori on Arte. But the actress was able to find time between two shoots of her hit series HPI and Netflix series The fighters to devote herself to a project that fascinated her and opened a real door to change, as she told us during an exceptional meeting that made the cover of Télé-Loisirs. In spirit of winter, broadcast this Thursday, November 10 on Arte, the pretty redhead (transformed into a blonde for the occasion) plays Nathalie, an author in need of inspiration and plagued by the demons of her past, who finds herself blocked by snow in her chalet. family, alone with her daughter during a long and agonizing Christmas day. Unrecognizable, the actress performs in a counter-intuitive role in the midst of this chilling and oppressive atmosphere. But where was this camera filmed?

spirit of winter : what are the filming locations?

The answer is quite simple since during almost all of the mini-series, the decor remains only that of the house, this huge chalet, between traditional wood and hypermodern house, isolated from the rest of the world by the amount of snow that falls. accumulates in the region. A shoot that was out of the ordinary, as the actress told us: “We shot six weeks indoors. It’s special because we no longer have any notion of time. Without outdoor lighting, you no longer know what day of the week it is or what time it is. It reminded me of when I was doing photography and when I was developing in the darkroom, I also lost that notion. So the oppression was rooted in the very structure of the set. Usually, we change sets, places… So being in the center of attention, alone for days, for times when I’m just walking in hallways or peeling my potatoes, I feeling uneasy, with the fear that people would be bored.”

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The miniseries is adapted from a bestseller

Before being a disturbing series, the story of Nathalie is a book by the American writer Laura Kasischke. The novelist is a true literary phenomenon across the Atlantic, to the point that three of her previous novels have been adapted for the cinema. His work spirit of winter (original title : Mind of Winter) met with great success when it was released in 2013, including in France where it received the Grand Prix des Lectrices ELLE (2014). Something to whet the curiosity of director Cyril Mennegun: “I was struck by the potential of the novel which gives pride of place to the journey through the heroine’s imagination. Then, I took all possible liberties with the work, with which the series no longer has much to do”, he says. And indeed, even the characters have been renamed, Natalie being originally called Holly, and Alice, her daughter, Tatiana. “This is an American novel, whose cultural codes are difficult to transpose to France. Adapting a work is above all to seize its heart and make it beat in images and sounds, it’s another language”he concludes.

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Esprit d’hiver (Arte): where was the series filmed with Audrey Fleurot?

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