In the Spanish interview program ‘La Resistencia’ there was an unexpected live meeting between the singer Ozuna and the actress Eva Longoria. This happened because the artist’s work team told her that the Puerto Rican had titled a song with her name.

This came to light when the host of the program asked him about the subject he had titled “Eva Longoria”. that the singer launched with his colleague Davido a few weeks ago, at which time the reggaeton player defined himself as a super fan of the artist, the precise moment when they told him that she was present.

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“I am old. I don’t know how he knows who I am, ”said Eva as she surrounded Ozuna with her arm. Ozuna quickly reacted and with a smile for the fact that she was meeting a childhood idol, she answered him in a safe way “She said she’s old, how can she say you’re old?

The American of Latin descent told the program how she felt when she found out that there was a song with her name and the surprise that this produced. “This is the first time a song has been titled with my name,” she stated.

After the singer’s sincerity, the host of the program asked her a question when questioning her about if he had had sex with the background music of the singer Ozuna and his answer made everyone laugh.

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“I think I’m the only person who didn’t do it and that will be a priority the next time I’m going to be intimate with my husband,” she said, adding “my husband has to play the song,” referring to Ozuna’s new song.

Added to this fun crossover, during his participation in the July 4 program of ‘La Resistencia’, the singer played the bass drum, to later sing a fragment of one of his hits ‘El farsante’.

The singer Ozuna began his musical career officially since 2012 and during this decade he has positioned himself as one of the greatest exponents of reggaeton today, especially for his collaborations with artists of different nationalities.

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