In the different public appearances, the publications on social networks and the scenes of the most recent season of his series on Disney Plus, the Montaner family has shown itself to be more solid and united than ever before its followers.

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Evaluna is no exception. The Venezuelan actress, singer and model has not only shown to have a good relationship with her brothers Mau and Ricky, but also with her sisters-in-law Sara Escobar and Stefanía Roitman.

Despite the close bond that Evaluna maintains with her brothers’ wives, it seems that not everything is rosy. This was revealed by Ricardo Montaner’s youngest daughter in a dynamic on social networks.

The interpreter of ‘The glory of God’ joined the new trends viral ’10 things about me’ and, as its name indicates, revealed unknown details of his personal life, work and family for its more than 21 million followers.

Some data were already known to his fans, while others were a complete surprise, such as the physical fight he had with one of his sisters-in-law.

“I physically fought once with my sister-in-law,” confessed Evaluna, without revealing the identity of the person involved. nor give more details about it.

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Ricky (left) and his wife, Stefi Roitman; Evaluna and her husband, Camilo; Ricardo, Marlene, Mau and his wife, Sara.

The Venezuelan artist’s comment did not go unnoticed among users, who broke out in speculation and asked for answers. “We all want to know which sister-in-law”, “To get to the blows, the situation must have been terrible” and “Really? Who won the fight?” were some of the reactions of Internet users.

It should be remembered that Evaluna has four brothers: Mau and Ricky, who are the best known, and Héctor and Alejandro, the result of the relationship between Ricardo Montaner and Ana Vaz.

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Mau is married to the Colombian Sara Escobar, while Ricky married Stefanía Roitman last year. Héctor, for his part, found love next to the Argentine Paula Gaudelli and Alejandro did the same with Ximena Datorre.

Evaluna also pointed out that it is she who directs the videos of her husband, Camilo Echevery, and that one of her dreams is to be a wedding planner.

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