Evangelina Anderson She is very settled in Argentina and does not miss an opportunity to accompany her family in their sporting evolution. On this occasion, she spent Saturday with her father encouraging her eldest son.

Martin Bastianthe eldest son of the marriage of the vedette and Martin Demichelis, He began his sports career at River Plate and his mother supports him game by game.

enjoying dad“Wrote Anderson, who spent a sunny Saturday with her children’s grandfather. The influencer leaves no doubt that family is her priority at this time in her life.

“Before Demi goes to concentrate, we went to see Basti in his match with the ninth,” the model said happily from her social networks. The three million followers of her follow the step by step of this beloved family.

Evangelina Anderson, Martín Demichelis and their children

Martín Demichelis revealed how Evangelina Anderson reacted when she was proposed to be DT of River Plate

“When River decided that I should be the coach, I never doubted it. When Gallardo left and among those who were being considered in the public media, my wife told me ‘you are not going to get into that mess’. told me i was crazy“Revealed the deportee to Sacá del Medio on Radio Continental.

The soccer player and his wife decided to leave their lives in Germany, where they lived for 10 years, and moved to Argentina. Although the decision did not convince the model, she later accepted this great change: “I told her to accompany me to this monumental madness. There was no doubt. The life change is very abrupt for my children and my family, but for me River it is everything, it is for Bastian, for my wife, and it gives me pleasure to work with people I know”.

He then explained how much his life changed by moving to Argentina: “We had a lot of quality time together in Europe and here little. She is my stick, I couldn’t make a decision without my family support, it’s all hers.”

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