During the last hours, the case of Samantha Lee, a former agent of the London Metropolitan Police, that she has been under investigation for months for not having conducted an investigation properly.

The local authorities accuse the Ms Lee of having missed the opportunity to arrest Wayne Couzensthe day she murdered Sarah Everard in February 2021. The court ensures that the former police officer did not carry out the investigations of
“right way”.

Former police officer Lee has been found guilty of filing “acts of serious misconduct”, during his time as a member of the London police force. In it 2022, Lee gave up his law enforcement career to continue his career as an OnlyFans model.

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The judge, Darren Snow, assured that if Samantha Lee was an officer on duty during the trial she would have been fired from her position with the London Metropolitan Police.

Likewise, Darren Snow assured: “The trial expresses his sympathy for the Everard family -family of the woman murdered by Wayne Couzens-. highlighting that the focus of this judgment is solely based on qualifying the conduct of the police officer Investigator”.

“Whether if former officer Lee had acted differently, could have prevented the acts that followed, We are not here to answer that question, but to determine Lee’s inappropriate behavior ”, reports the BBC on the trial of the now OnlyFans model.

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The judge also argued that according to investigations carried out, they indicate: “Lee, based in the Southern Area Command Unit, was the first person on the scene, the day Sarah Everard was abducted” and due to negligence “failed to diligently execute its duty and responsibilities.”

In a previous trial it became known that the Ms. Lee did not record the security camera circuit of the location where the abduction occurred, the judges ensure that by doing so they could have found the whereabouts of Sarah Everard and her kidnapper.

On his official site OnlyFans, Samantha Lee he calls himself as “29-year-old curvaceous former metropolitan police officer, who is now a racy online content creator.”

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In the same way, in some of his publications he assures: “I made the decision to leave and start my own business as an adult content creator for many reasons some may or may not have heard of. (…) It has been the best decision I have made for my mental health and my happiness”.

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