A few days ago it was announced that the model Silvina Luna She is hospitalized in intensive care due to kidney failure and hypercalcemia. Her brother, Ezequiel Luna, spoke in an interview for brito angel and he was very upset with what the media say about what is happening with Silvina.

I want to clarify that, for example, Silvia Freire is not my sister’s friend, and I saw her on various shows talking about her. Silvina’s friends are the same as always. I know that something similar is happening to Freire because her husband had a transplant ”, she began exposing.

Then he fired: “I know that there were people who said that nobody took care of Silvina but we were hospitalized 24/7 and before too, throughout the process”.

Ángel explained that he had written to Luna’s brother because since he had sent several messages to Silvina to invite her to the celebration of her next birthday and seeing that she did not respond, he was worried. “That happened to a lot of people, no one understood why she didn’t answer, until it was learned that she was hospitalized in a delicate state,” he said.

Finally, the driver ended with a forceful message from Ezequiel. “The only thing I want to have in my head now is my sister. I ask you to please apologize to everyone who wrote to me but my head is only on Silvina. That’s why, I don’t want to fight or thank or anythingbecause I am going to concentrate on taking care of Silvina ”, he concluded.

Aníbal Lotocki broke the silence: “I am not going to apologize to Silvina Luna for a disease that I did not cause”

Since February 2022, Hannibal Lotocki He was sentenced to 4 years in prison for effective compliance, for serious injuries to his aesthetic patients and 5 years of disqualification from practicing his profession, after the complaints made for malpractice.

In an interview in telenoche (the thirteen), Lotocki He assured that the inconvenience with Luna was not his fault. “Patients know that I am not a plastic surgeon”, held. And he continued: “She is my only patient who has kidney failure. I have stopped coming to television because I cannot explain anything, I have said this about the product being approved and that it has no causal link in many programs, that is why I chose to go to court”.

“I am very sorry for the kidney disease that Silvina Luna hasIt seems terrible to me. I imagine that someone is going to have surgery because he wants to look better, and that he ends up with a problem for life, I feel really bad. We do not want to harm anyone as professionals. If someone had told me that this approved product was going to cause a kidney problem in just one person, I would not have used it. I haven’t used it for a long time”, he pronounced.

Besides, Lotocki acknowledged that he has a sentence: “I have never denied it, but the sentence is not for the diseases that the patients have had, because there is no causal damage. There is a judicial interpretation that is under review and one is innocent until proven otherwise, right? The conviction is for a side effect of the product”he assured.

Before finishing, the journalists asked him why he never spoke out apologizing to those affected and the doctor was blunt. “If he had used a product that was banned, it would be nice if he was condemned, but that’s not the case. There are tests of Silvina Luna from 2010 that indicate that she had very high gamma globulins that could have caused kidney failure. She would have to sue the State that allowed this product”. Silvina, for her part, denied this information on repeated occasions.

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