Fabián Cubero spoke about the difficult situation his family is going through after his eldest daughter decided to live with him and not with her mother, Nicole Neuman. Today I don’t think we can make an arrangement with Nicole. It’s something I can’t explain now either,” she said sharply.

On shared ownership and the reduction of the fee, he preferred not to go into details and only clarified: “There is something that is being handled in court. But I cannot tell you now.” He then clarified that his economy is lower than when he was a professional footballer.

“I take care of my daughters. I don’t have to think about anyone else. I do school and social work. The arrangement we made at the time when we separated was outdated because my situation was different. I take care of the welfare of my daughters“, he explained in dialogue with LAM.

“We always try to find the solution. Many times things are said that are not real. I do not pass information to the press. When that happens it’s obvious that I’m going to be exposed. I don’t like those things because I don’t have to prove anything to anyone,” said the ex-soccer player.

On the criticism he received for having declared that his daughter at this time was not in tune with NicoleHe explained: “You yourself see the networks and see that he is not with his mother … I did not say anything that has not been seen.”

Mica Viciconte broke the silence about the difficult relationship between Nicole Neumann and her daughter Indiana

Mica Viciconte tried to be secretive about the alleged estrangement between Nicole Neuman And your daughter indiana cubero. The truth is that the teenager is living with her and her father, Fabian Cubero. Now, the model expressed herself for the first time on this delicate matter.

Mica Viciconte, Luca and Indiana Cubero
photo: capture social networks

I adore all three girls. I can’t tell you much. I always try to unite. Today there is Luca, who is the little brother, and they get along great. I am happy that this union exists, that it is the family that I also wanted. Everything is perfect, “explained the influencer about her relationship with the eldest daughter of her partner.

When asked if her son would be one of the reasons for moving to her home from Indiana, she said: “Fabian’s three daughters love Luca equally. all three love him“.

Fabián Cubero’s word on the conflict in Indiana and Nicole Neumann: “The case is already in court”

Fabian Cubero He was consulted by Show Partners about the complex situation his eldest daughter is going through with her mother that led her to decide to move in with him. Regarding the multiple versions that circulated, he opined: “Let everyone say what they want. Honestly, I don’t feel like debating the topic. It is simply a reality that is happening today, and what is happening is being handled intimately and in courtwhich is where the issues have to be dealt with”.

Mica Viciconte, Fabián Cubero and Indiana

The athlete also made it clear that his partner was not involved in his daughter’s decision. “It happens to generate a good link. And that bond, thank God, since I got together with Mica, is intact with my three girls, “she explained.

“With Nicole we don’t have a dialogue. Indiana doesn’t have a dialogue either. It is an issue that Indiana has to resolve with the psychologist and with the mother,” Cubero concluded on this very personal matter.

What Nicole Neumann said about the bad relationship with her daughter Indiana

“These are sensitive issues and it has been a while I took this position not to give statements. I I don’t need to clarify anything”, pointed out the model bluntly when asked about her eldest daughter.

“They invent a lot”he expressed, after the chronicler of intruders insisted on the discomfort of her daughter Indiana living with her, a fact that her ex-husband revealed Fabian Cubero.

However, before a new press consultation on the same subject, Nicole said: “I already told you that I am not going to talk about my daughters to protect them, take care of them. A lot of things are said, a lot of lies. They invent a lot”.

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