“Of course I do!” Fabián Medina Flores launched when asked if he dared to choose his three favorite looks from the + PEOPLE Party, which had just broken into the nightlife of Buenos Aires to mark a new milestone in the history of this medium. . And after seeing one by one the leaders of the community who paraded through the rainbow carpet and dazzled with their outfits, the expert in the area started.

“First, the two of us,” said the fashion critic, referring to his own outfit and that of his colleague Alexia. “Panni Margot surprised me a lot, everything is always in black and I liked that colorful kimono. Julieta Poggio fascinated me with that wedding-style dress, very Carrie Bradshaw, and another one that I think is a classic for the night is the little tulle dress from Puli De Maria.

La Barby, Fabián Medina Flores, Alexia and Puli De María. Photo: Fabian Uset

“We have an unattainable outfit. We blended in, we both came in capes and black. We dressed freely. We’ve been friends for a long time, we’re lucky to work in fashion.”

Finally, he defined what diversity is for him: “Diversity is a celebration of freedom, of being able to be what one wants to be. I associate freedom with beauty. I am pleased that PEOPLE have taken the lead with this celebration and I believe who is here to stay. This is going to be established as the Characters of the Year.”

The first Party +PEOPLE

Dress as you want, dress for you. Skip take care of the power of your clothes.

In line with a philosophy that invites to tear down the myths built around social constructions, gender and clothing, Skip accompanies the second season of +People matching with the narrative “dress as you want, dress for you.”, of which flag the brand.

Transparent, never invisible

The production of the capsules for the second season of +GENTE were carried out with the support of Absolut, a brand that has been working on diversity for more than 40 years with the intention of building a world free of labels.

Smartwater It was the official water of the +GENTE party and with its “Hydration that goes beyond” campaign, it accompanied the guests with their 591 ml bottles of water so that they are hydrated throughout the night.

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