Fabiana Cantilo got together with Mica Rierathe actress who put herself in his shoes in the series El amor después del amor, to see the most impressive scenes of the audiovisual project that portrays the entire life of Fito Paez.

“What I want to tell people is that this is the first time I’m seeing this. The reaction is completely genuine“advanced the rocker in a fun video.

“My feeling is that we are the same. It’s all nonsense,” the singer began when she saw the first images. “I treat my family as you. That’s where it comes from… It’s something intimate,” he began. Fabiana about how to call Fito despite being a couple.

Then he recalled how it was the first time he saw who his partner was: “I entered some offices of daniel grinbank. I opened the door and there was a being with long hair… It was a crush. Very platonic. I always talked to him that I knew him from another life.”

“It is very well done. The mole is very good”, Cantilo assures regarding the makeup, costumes and interpretation of Riera. “It strikes me because Andy is the same,” she added.

“We only had two meetings. In one we talked for 6 hours. My idea is that she could be seen in the series,” added Mica.

“I liked skinny swordsmen with long hair. It was perfect. He was my grounding cable because I was crazy. There were tender moments because we loved movies and we watched movies until the wee hours of the morning,” Fabi recalled. about his love story with Rosario.

“Is that you singing? You are a genius“he says bluntly Cantilo about the performance of Cleopatra that Riera played in the series. “We were always partying. She was very outgoing and he was more normal. I was a saturated girl and Fito was a serious boy. I was looking to have fun, but I ended up crying,” he added.

“We are going to be friends,” Fabiana closed after meeting her “double” in the most talked about series of the year.

How Mica Riera prepared to play Fabiana Cantilo

Mica Riera was very flattered by her impeccable interpretation of Fabiana Cantilo. The young actress was able to convey the singer’s gestures and energy very well, a task that was not simple at all. Although she does not define herself as a singer, when she saw the casting call for the series she decided to “commit.” And copying videos from Fabianasent his material singing My sickness.

Micaela Riera in The love after Love. Photo: Juliet Horak / Netflix © 2023

“I was locked up in my house for a week watching videos on YouTube of Fabi Cantilo. I watched all the videos 10 times, and I imitated her face, her voice, everything in the mirror, and that’s how I stayed. I was very sure, “she recounted in dialogue with Perfil.

laughed revealed that he had an encounter with Cantilo in which the ex-partner of fito paez he invited her to his house. “She had gone to bed late because she had seen a series, that she loves to watch series. She stayed up all night watching them. And she arrived, She opened the door for me, all asleep, bumping into everything. ‘Sorry, sorry, I went to bed late,’ she would tell me,” she recalled of her first visit.

Then he reflected on the importance of having a rapprochement with Fabiana: “To me she is magical, she is an elevated human being, but because she herself is a person who goes through, she is resilient. Knowing her was magical and essential to make the character“.

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