The love after Love, the biopic about the life of fito paez (60) has not stopped being a trend since its premiere on Netflix. In this interesting journey through the life and work of the rock singer, there are many people who encouraged him to create some of his best singles. Between them, Fabiana Cantilo (64).

The artist and former partner of Fito -in the 80’s-, showed her discontent on social networks for the audiovisual production that, from her point of view, does not comply with the chronology of the events. “They mixed all the times and there are many things that are not, but I am not going to give my statements because everything is very strong”he stated in a highly indignant Instagram video.

His word quickly went viral and this Monday he had to go out to clarify what he meant. “First statement about the series. In addition to doing choruses for Fito and choruses for Luis, I had a life and a career”she recalled, somewhat annoyed by the secondary role with which she was presented in the eight-episode miniseries.

Amongst all that turmoil I rehearsed, composed, had bands and recorded records. Namely, that of The Twiststhat I went to hell because I’m phobic… after Charly’s tour I left, detectivesproduced by Mr. Charly García, Fabiana Cantilo and Hot Dogsproduced by Fito and for which we almost killed ourselves”continued detailing his artistic path within rock.

“And then Fito also helped me, yes, but because I had talent. Obviously. YoIt was the same from Fito’s point of view, but hey, since I’m so present I tell you that I had a life too, right?”closed without laps.

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