The world millionaires is revolutionized and not only by obtaining the 16 star against Atlético Nacional, but by the version about a possible attempt to sign attacker Falcao García.

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The ‘Tiger’ has never hidden his taste for Millionaires. In fact, he was one of the first to go out to celebrate Millos’ 16th star, achieved at El Campín after defeating Atlético Nacional in a tiebreaker from the penalty spot.

Radamel Falcao García and Lorelei Tarón have four children.

On more than one occasion, Falcao has celebrated with the blue shirt and a few months ago, at a concentration of the Colombian National Team, the ‘Tiger’ posed with a Millonarios goalkeeper suit next to the head of the Alberto Gamero, Álvaro Montero, with whom they shared the call.

The new version exploded this Wednesday due to a comment on social networks from Tigre’s wife, Loreli Taron.

It happened on the Instagram network, after Lorelei posted a photo of her daughters, with the phrase “What are they talking about?

A Millonarios fan responded that they were talking about Falcao’s arrival at Millonarios. What no one counted on was Tarón’s response.

“They are happy because Falcao is going to Millos”, was the fan’s comment. Loreli responded with laughter, like this: “hahaha, yes”, along with an emoji with hearts.

Is the option for Falcao real?

Falcao, Alvaro Montero and Gustavo Serpa


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The intention seems difficult, but there is a little window and all because of the idea that he has had for a while Gustavo Serpa, Millonarios’ top shareholder, to bring in Falcao.

Serpa said that he constantly travels to Madrid, and with his visit this July he intends to sit down and talk specifically with Falcao.

“I have traveled frequently to Madrid. I am going to try to meet with Falcao in July, when I return there. From our point of view, it is feasible,” Serpa told Caracol Radio’s El VBar a few days ago.

It’s not easy at all. Falcao has a current contract with Rayo Vallecano until 2024 after the club activated its renewal, and there is the possibility of extending it even further, as reported by the Spanish media.

The newspaper as of Spain recently published: “The franjirroja entity (Rayo) has El Tigre, unless an interesting offer arrives for both parties and an agreement is reached. An assumption that could occur throughout this summer market. To all lights, we will have to wait and each scenario will have to be assessed”.

Bringing Falcao to Millonarios would mean a million-dollar investment, but in addition, there is the personal and family issue of Tigre and what they want for their future.

The journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez He gave details this Thursday and confirmed that negotiations do exist, albeit slowly.

“The thing about @FALCAO is true! Hard negotiation but it advances! For @MillosFCoficial it would be a blow of opinion but sportingly important as long as he can stay until next year’s Cup… In addition, it is convenient for him to be adding minutes for selection purposes. Without playing… difficult! Everything is advantageous for both parties! Living here in the midst of so much insecurity and problems? That will be analyzed by him and his family. That part is screwed…”, he said on his Twitter account.

Apparently Falcao has already received an economic proposal from Millionaires and it would be time to analyze amounts, bonuses, project and logistical details of what his life in Bogotá would imply if he accepts.

Falcao, at 37, would have the idea of ​​burning his last cartridges in Europe before considering the real idea of ​​playing in Colombia.

But nothing is impossible, especially because of the passion that Falcao feels for Millionaires, and now because of Lorelei’s comment on his networks.


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