Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known as Featherweight, He has become one of the most prominent artists todayafter the success she had with the song ‘Ella Baila Sola’, something that has allowed her to consolidate.

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The Mexican singer, characterized by interpreting music of lying down corridos, continues to climb the peak of success and now he has managed to snatch the reggaeton player Bad Bunny a record that he had on Billboard since May 2022.

Notably the Puerto Rican is the first Latin American artist to occupy the majority of the Billboard chartwith 24, but now Featherweight reached 25, which he managed to surpass.

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The Mexican has managed to position 25 songs on the lists of ‘Hot Latin Songs’. Of these 25 songs, 10 belong to his third studio album called ‘Genesis’. This indicates a remarkable success and recognition for the artist, since he has managed to obtain multiple hits in the most popular music charts in the Latin field.

“Featherweight achieved certain milestones this week on the charts, beginning with his third studio album Genesis, which earns him the No. 1 spot on any Billboard album chart,” Billboard wrote.

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Furthermore, it was revealed that ‘Genesis’ has amassed 101.8 million streamsand at the rate it is going it will become the most listened to regional Mexican record in history.

That being the case, learn about the songs that Featherweight ranked on Billboard.

  1. Number 1: She dances alone, with Armed Link.
  2. Number 2: The baby, with Yng Lvcas.
  3. Number 5: Moon, with Junior H.
  4. Number 6: Lady Gaga, with Gabito Ballesteros and Junior H.
  5. Number 9: Bye.
  6. Number 10: VVS, with Edgardo Nuñez and Los Dareyes de La Sierra.
  7. Number 11: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 55.
  8. Number 12: Rubicon.
  9. Number 14: PRC, with Nathanael Cano.
  10. Number 15: At night.
  11. Number 16: The Blue, with Junior H.
  12. Number 17: New life.
  13. Number 19: Lagoons, with Jasiel Nuñez.
  14. Number 20: Pastel pink, with Jasiel Nuñez.
  15. Number 21: Carnal, with Nathanael Cano.
  16. Number 22: Plebada, with The Alpha.
  17. Number 24: Gavilán II, with Tito Double.
  18. Number 26: Chanel, with Becky G.
  19. Number 27: 77, with Eladio Carrión.
  20. Number 28: Shoe.
  21. Number 29: His house, with Luis R Conriquez.
  22. Number 33: La People, with Tito Double P.
  23. Number 38: The girls, with Blessd.
  24. Number 45: El tsurito”, with Junior H and Gabito Ballesteros.
  25. Number 50: I’m focused, with coveted and Jaziel Avilez.


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