Philip Pettinato was involved in a terrible domestic accident in May 2022 that ended with the death of his friend and doctor, the neurologist Melchor Rodrigo. After this mysterious incident that occurred in the Belgrano neighborhood, Felipe was admitted to an addiction rehabilitation clinic and little was known about his state of health for a year.

That is why, taking advantage of a very special date such as his 30th birthday last Saturday; Her sister Tamara Pettinato decided to share a post talking about her fight against drugs.

“Today one of my idols turns 30: my little brother Felipe Juan. Someone who teaches me since I was born that being different is JUST AS GOOD as being one more. Someone who did not allow himself to be destroyed by bullying (something that is still done to him even from the media) although he was very close to losing the battle ”said Tamara Pettinato.

Image of Felipe Pettinato as a child shared by his sister, Tamara Pettinato, on social networks.

And continued: “Today he fights to get ahead and those of us who love him and know his suffering we are not going to leave him alone. I am sharing your words today (with your permission) because I know they can help others who are suffering from addiction. or mental illness. Happy Birthday. I love you. strength and forward”.

To the post he also added a photo of Felipe Pettinato when he was a baby and two screenshots in which the Michael Jackson impersonator told him: “My mom sent me this photo of my birthday with my brother (Homero Pettinato) and nephew to remind me how grateful i must be todayone year later. It saddens me to look into my eyes and remember that I had lost hope, I couldn’t choose but I thought I was going to die drugged. I apologized to my daughter.”

Posting by Felipe Pettinato on his private social networks.

“But today I choose to live clean, I can prove it to you. I no longer live on guilt, but on love. Thank you! expressed pride in his personal achievements. In the last image you can see Felipe Pettinato together with the director of the EIRA Foundation (Emotional and Interactive Center for Argentine Resilience), to whom the boy thanked him for his treatment saying: “Thanks to EIRA today I share 11 months and 11 days clean of alcohol and drugs. Here with its founding director”.

Felipe Pettinato shows his medical improvements one year after starting his treatment for addictions.

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