There are still more than two months to go before the premiere of the long-awaited musical, on July 1 at the Opera Theater, the play sold out its first two performances on sale and only the last tickets are available for the dates of July 7 and 8. Your manager, Fer Dentetogether with the main actress Sofi Morandi They showed some images in which the fun looks of the work were seen and revolutionized the networks.

As a result of the great success at the ticket office and the impressive reception from the public, the great news was announced today: Heathers, the musical can also be enjoyed during the winter holidays. The story features a dream love story, enjoyable humor, and a real look at how beautiful and scary it is to grow up in this world, HEATHERS It will be the revolution of the season.

Heathers: the musical.  Photo file
Heathers: the musical. Photo file

The prestigious musical managed to form a cast with a true mix of talents. Fer Dentein the direction, was in charge of finding a cast of talented young people from different parts of Argentina, following the mission that this project had from its inception to give visibility to a whole new generation of artists.

After several years of training and dedication, teeth today has the opportunity to form this cast together with established figures and finally fulfill the dream of leading this great production neither more nor less than in “Corrientes street”where numerous prestigious artists performed, and also managed to sell out the tickets for the shows.

Fer Dente with the actresses of the musical.  Photo file
Fer Dente with the actresses of the musical. Photo file

The musical will be led by the influencer and actress Sofi Morandi accompanied by Flor Anca, Julia Tozzi, Nicolas Di Pace, Martu Loyato, Momi Giardina and an ensemble made up of Rocio Caldes, Lázaro Balista, Giuliana Tagliamonte, Nico Esquivel, Ludimila Piovano, Santiago Leguizamo, Ana Petrich, Paz Gutierrez, Pablo Turturiello, Santiago Toledo and Sol Wainer.

It should be noted that before completing the cast, the auditions filled the place, among applicants and faithful companions, and for two days of almost 12 hours they kept the opera theater room full. 5,000 young people, mostly from 17 to 22 years old, connected with their wish and went to fight, going through several exciting selection stages, for one of the 16 places that the director has to fill, together with Vanesa Garcia Millan and Eugenia Gil Rodriguez.

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