Festival de Terror Six Flags

Festival de Terror Six Flags

The Festival de Terror is an annual Halloween event held at Six Flags theme parks. The event features haunted mazes, live shows, and other Halloween-themed attractions. The Festival de Terror is typically held from late September to early November.


The Festival de Terror was first introduced at Six Flags Great Adventure in 1997. The event was an immediate success and quickly expanded to other Six Flags parks. Today, the Festival de Terror is held at six Six Flags parks:

* Six Flags Great Adventure
* Six Flags Great America
* Six Flags Fiesta Texas
* Six Flags Magic Mountain
* Six Flags Over Texas
* Six Flags St. Louis


The Festival de Terror features a variety of Halloween-themed attractions, including:

* **Haunted mazes:** These mazes are designed to scare visitors with their dark and winding paths, gruesome props, and live actors.
* **Live shows:** These shows feature a variety of Halloween-themed entertainment, including acrobats, dancers, and comedians.
* **Scare zones:** These areas of the park are filled with spooky decorations and live actors who try to scare visitors.
* **Trick-or-treating:** Visitors can trick-or-treat at designated areas throughout the park.


Tickets for the Festival de Terror can be purchased online or at the park. Prices vary depending on the date and time of day. Some parks also offer discounts on tickets purchased in advance.


The Festival de Terror has received positive reviews from visitors. The event is praised for its high-quality haunted mazes and live shows. Visitors also appreciate the fact that the event is family-friendly, with activities for all ages.


The Festival de Terror is a great way to celebrate Halloween with friends and family. The event offers a variety of Halloween-themed attractions that are sure to scare and entertain visitors of all ages.