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Festival Franciacorta 2024

Dates and Location

The Festival Franciacorta will take place from September 6th to the 8th, 2024 in Franciacorta, Italy.

About the Festival

The Festival Franciacorta is a three-day celebration of the region’s Franciacorta wine. The festival features wine tastings, food pairings, live music, and other cultural events.

What to Expect

Attendees can expect to taste a variety of Franciacorta wines from different producers. There will also be food pairings available, featuring local cuisine. In addition to wine tastings, the festival will also feature live music, cooking demonstrations, and other cultural events.

How to Attend

Tickets for the Festival Franciacorta can be purchased online or at the festival entrance. Ticket prices vary depending on the day and time of attendance.

Where to Stay

There are a variety of hotels and bed and breakfasts located near the festival grounds. Visitors can also find camping accommodations in the area.

What to Do in the Area

In addition to attending the Festival Franciacorta, visitors can also explore the region’s other attractions. These include the Franciacorta Outlet Village, the Terme di Franciacorta spa, and the Monte Isola island.


The Festival Franciacorta is a great opportunity to experience the region’s Franciacorta wine and culture. With its variety of wine tastings, food pairings, and cultural events, the festival is a must-attend event for wine lovers.