The huge streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video He launched the next start of the great proposal that he will bring with his new film, Nahir, which is a fictional thriller and drama based on one of the most moving true crime police cases in Argentina in recent years. In 2018, Nahir Galarza 19 years old, played by actress Valentina Zenerewas accused and convicted of murdering her boyfriend, fernando pastorizzo.

The story of the detained young woman echoed again in all the media, when she accused her father, who works as a police officer, of being the real murderer. Although this version was quickly discarded by the justice system, Galarza alleges that she even wants to change her last name so as not to have anything to do with her father. the new production will be available on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

Valentina Zenere will play the role of Nahir Galarza in the film about her case.  Photo file.
Valentina Zenere will play the role of Nahir Galarza in the film about her case. Photo file.

The cast also has the presence of Monica Antonopulos (Stolen Lives, Death in Buenos Aires), Cesar Bordon (Luis Miguel, the Series, Something Wrong), Nacho Gadano (Diary of a Gigolo, Violetta) and simon hempe (Intertwined, Go! Live Your Way) among others.

Nahir was created by Lucas Jinkisdirected by Hernan Guerschuny (Double Speech, Recreation, A Night of Love) and written by Sofia Wilhelmi (Days of Roosters). It is a Zeppelin Studio production (Días de Gallos, Bilardo, Dr. del fútbol and Diego, el último Adiós).

Nahir Galarza spoke from prison: his dream with Fernando Pastorizzo, his reaction to the expertise and the fake news

Nahir Galarza was sentenced for killing her boyfriend Fernando Pastorizzo in December 2017 and became one of the most emblematic cases debated by public opinion, in the media and on social networks. In recent days, the young woman spoke from jail and told her current situation.

Currently, Nahir is on the eve of the decision of the CSupreme Court of Justice of the Nation on whether to revoke or confirm the sentence to life imprisonment (35 years) and the unpublished expert opinions carried out during this instance of review by the highest court were leaked. This could change the history of this tragic case: according to the expertise, the young woman, then 19 years old, would have arrived at the trial in the worst mental health conditions, without having had adequate medical, psychological and psychopharmacological support.

Nahir Galarza.  Photo file.
Nahir Galarza. Photo file.

I don’t have networks. I don’t have a cell phone. And I try not to get bad news. I didn’t know anything about the photos they published, which from what you told me are from my 15th birthday. Everything is a lie. Those networks are not mine. Beyond my distance from my father and that he wants to change my last name (Ndr: more than a year ago he accused his father of being a police officer Marcelo Galarza of being the real murderer), I think all that subject of the photo is super childish. And I am still Galarza even though I have started the process to use my mother’s last name (Kroh) because it is a long process. It seems to me that it is more a strategy of another person because I would not waste time making these types of publications. It is a judicial secret. I can’t believe it. They want to hurt me and I think someone is pretending to be me on social networks,” Nahir said, anguished, in dialogue with infobae.

They invent and lie about me without realizing the damage they cause because I am in jail serving a sentenceSo I don’t know what they are looking for the most. Time continues to pass and they continue to talk and I have nothing to do with everything that is said in these types of publications, “he added later.

The result of the expertise on Nahir Galarza

The current expertise was carried out during interviews carried out with Nahir over three months by two eminent mental health duly accepted by the SSuperior Court of Justice of Entre Ríos, he Dr. Enrique Stola and of the Bachelor Alice Castro, Recognized expert in criminal cases of public social knowledge. His task was to add this evidence to the Court’s review of the sentence to life imprisonment.

Nahir Galarza.  Photo file.
Nahir Galarza. Photo file.

The specialists’ report, made up of some seventy-three pages, reached the conclusion, not previously addressed by the Entre Ríos justice system, that Nahir presents a schizophrenia early start. That his hallucinations are very present, but brain damage in the Mesial Temporal area should also be investigated. That she has auditory, visual, kinesthetic hallucinations (feels being touched) and reports olfactory hallucinations. They also state that it is necessary to analyze the exomes for autism and the exomes for schizophrenia. Although it should be recalled that the diagnostic manual of DSM-5 disorders eliminated the differentiation between the different types of schizophrenia, they maintain.

The doctor. Stola broad than from medical science at the time of the development of the interviews “Nahir Galarza Presents: Passive, unstable, distrustful. Appearance personal: Correct, formal. Rigid in his conduct. Awareness: When asked, it is difficult for him to focus. Memory: Lacunar amnesia in relation to some situations of the facts in the proceedings. R.surface elations, ritualized. Marked apathy, Poverty in the associations that does not correspond to the academic level reached. Thought: Delusional ideas. Childish. Difficulties in understanding the questions. There are no questions, cross-questions or rectification”.

Nahir Galarza.  Photo file.
Nahir Galarza. Photo file.

When asked by Infobae about the fact of having hallucinations, the young woman expressed: “From seeing things, from the door closing, opening, knocking on the door and there is no one… once I saw a person sitting on the bed… I’ve seen people pass by in the hallway… I’ve felt someone’s perfume, I felt Fernando’s many times”

Then, he added: “It also happened to me at the police station. In my house (before the event, December 2017) it happened to me once before coming here, I was in my room, I was studying and I began to hear noises, which were stirring the things, I thought they were breaking in to steal and I covered my head and started calling my mom on WhatsApp. Then I heard, through the window that overlooks the street, that the tree was colliding with the window and I started crying and My mom stayed with me. In the morning I opened the window and the tree was far away, it was impossible for me to touch the window, I was paranoid, I had a lot of anxiety, I don’t know what was wrong with me.”

In relation to this reality of the mental health of Nahir who had issued five years ago was the media manager and former spokesperson for the young woman, Jorge Zonzini, recounting that when leaving the cell after his visits “she greeted and said goodbye with a pleasant smile without demonstrations of fear or pain, as if she were in Disney or in a safer place than with her own family and without an emotional structure such as not understanding which meant the threat of living in captivity or staining the rest of his existence in life imprisonment”.

Nahir Galarza.  Photo file.
Nahir Galarza. Photo file.

Likewise, the author of the book “El Silence of Nahir, Chronicle of a Lynchingo Mediático” stated that “the whole family seemed to have no record of reality as if it were a kind of generic autism and that he perceived as something very suggestive that his brother Aaron had a marked developmental delay and his two half-brothers, children out of wedlock from his father, Román and Ignacio, had Asperger’s and suicidal border systemic tendency respectively”.

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