In it America there is enormous confidence that they can turn around the 2-0 loss in the first leg against Santa Fe and get his third star in the women’s league This is how both the coach, Carlos Hernández, who is in his first final, and Catalina Usme, the team captain, with enormous experience, made it clear.

“How to trace this? With some desire and a certainty the berraca. We are in the best emotional and motivational moment, of spiritual certainty, with the complete conditions to turn it around, but the only way is with the berraquera”, explained Usme.

Hernández, who replaced Carlos Andrés Usme, who went to lead Ecuador, maintains the illusion of the final: “I live it very special, blessed by God for this beautiful opportunity. Being with this group means always improving as a professional and as a person, believing in God to do a good job tomorrow (Friday) and come out champion”, he said.

Usme relies on the experience of the group to turn the final around. “As an athlete, you are still a human being, this is a mature team that is clear about what it has. We are going to go out with the desire and momentum that we have always had. The best thing about being an athlete are the challenges, going through the moments that are not easy and turn them into something wonderful. We are happy to enjoy this final at home, we know that we have a team to come back at home, it is a challenge that football gives us,” he explained.

Hernández highlighted the presence of VAR in the second leg of the final. “Technology is at the forefront of soccer and it’s great that it’s coming to women’s soccer. We are a purposeful team and that favors us ”, he assured.

Catalina Usme highlighted the growth of the League

Catalina, the top scorer in the Women’s League and the Colombian National Team, highlighted the growth of the tournament.

“This is a project to finish stabilizing, Colombian talent is for export. I think we can have better football if we manage to consolidate it, the league is well contested and has a good level. I love that the Women’s League looks better day by day level in the tactical issue, now they see it in other parts”, he insisted.

In addition, he thanked the fans for their support and said that he hopes they will arrive at the Pascual Guerrero stadium this Friday. “I am convinced that the stadium is going to be full, that everyone is going to be energized for what is to come. If there are 15,000, 20,000, 60,000, everyone will be thinking about that good energy. The American fan has been part of this story, we want them to be in the stands and to be part of the title”, he concluded.


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