The relationship between Nacho Herrero and Nicole Neuman It started with a big controversy. Although they knew each other thanks to the world of modeling, they began their romance when she was still dating Matias Liberman, her boyfriend 4 years ago. Both were discovered red-handed, very caramelized on Uruguayan beaches.

The first photo of Nicole Neumann and Nacho Herrero, covered by a canvas, in Punta del Este.

It will be the happiest day of my life. We want to expand the family. We are thinking of having 3 biological children and 2 adopted children.“, the model told this medium with great emotion in the run-up to her first wedding.

The civil marriage of Nicole Neumann and Nacho Herrero

On December 20, 2005, Nicole Neuman married civilly Nacho Herrero. The couple, one of the most sought after at that time, decided to avoid giving details to the press. So much so that the top model assured the media that the meeting she had held at her house in Los Cardales was for her mother’s birthday, Claudia Neuman.

Both chose looks in total white and walked around the neighborhood in a sulky pulled by a white horse. There were close friends and family members. “For civil justice, Nacho and Nicole were already husband and wife. They hid it, but there is no secret that will last forever,” he published. PEOPLE.

The only photos of the civil marriage of Nicole Neumann and Nacho Herrero.

The exclusive wedding party in a ranch in Lobos

Three months after their civil marriage, the couple performed the religious ceremony, in which Nicole He arrived riding a horse, in a church in Lobos. It was at the La Candelaria ranch, in Lobos, where they held the great party that had 130 guests. The famous models tried to maintain privacy at the celebration.

Cover of PEOPLE Magazine, March 2005.

“Ten years ago my heart chose you. A lot of water passed under the bridge, but I always knew it was you. Today I take you as my husband to love you and take care of you forever“, expressed Nicole her husband in front of everyone present.

Nicole was the one who chose the dresscode that she imposed on the guests: “Designs of 1920”. For her part, Neumann wore a white dress with a train designed by Veronica of the Channel. Her shoes were made by Ricky Sarkany especially for her.

Some photos of the exclusive first wedding of Nicole Neumann with Nacho Herrero.

The guests were received in tents that were set up outside a glamorous countryside that featured a castle. The big party lasted until after midnight. There was great catering, drink bars and music.

The unexpected separation of Nicole Neumann and Nacho Herrero

Only a year after the marriage, strong versions began to circulate that ensured that the newlyweds were going through a great crisis. Both took it upon themselves to deny it.

In August 2006, Nicole Neuman confirmed the estrangement of her husband. “With Nacho we no longer live together. But, what can I say today, if I don’t even know what will happen tomorrow? We are fighting, but not apart. There is a crisis, it is true, but it is not definitive, for now…”, the model confided to this medium.

Nicole Neuman confirms the distance with Nacho Herrera: “With Nacho we no longer live together”

At that time, rumors were already circulating that the model would have had something with Fabian Cubero. For many months both were harassed by the press to find out the truth, but they preferred to call each other into silence.

The truth is that months before the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the model participated in a daring production of photos in a soccer locker room where she met the athlete who would later become the father of her daughters and her second husband.

The first photo of Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero.

The best images of the wedding of Nicole Neumann and Nacho Herrero

This was the room where they held their wedding.
Nicole Neumann arriving at the church on horseback and hand in hand with her grandfather.
Nicole Neumann and Nacho Herrero at the altar.
The enjoyment of Nicole Neumann in the middle of the party.
The exclusive photo from GENTE magazine of the newlyweds.

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