Flavia Palmiero turned 57 and decided to celebrate it in a unique way at his favorite destination: the beaches of Miami. Enjoying a vacation in state Joinedthe renowned actress and host did not miss the opportunity to flaunt her style and celebrated from a luxurious yacht with her children and her partner Luis Scalella.

The photos of Flavia Palmiero's 57th birthday
Flavia Palmiero turned 57 in Miami

As a businesswoman and influencer on social media, Flavia showed off her favorite summer outfits and set trends. In her most recent post, she shared two designs that promise to be trending next summer of 2024.

Flavia Palmiero celebrated her birthday in Miami

“Today is my birthday and I’m celebrating life! I gave myself this moment with my loved ones: my family, my son Gian, my daughter Giu with her boyfriend Chapo, my mom Yuly and my boyfriend Luis,” she enthused.

In her emotional message, Flavia thanked everyone around her who shared this journey together after many years. “Happy birthday to me and those around me! Thank you for being here. Life has its ups and downs, but let’s ride the wave of life and love today and always,” she added.

Flavia Palmiero and her birthday cake

Saying goodbye to her years on the beach, in front of the sea, the actress welcomed the new years to come. “It’s my return to the sun, to the real sun. My paradise. Always grateful,” she concluded Flavia, enjoying her birthday in Miami to the fullest.

Look how changed Gianmarco, the son of Flavia Palmiero, is

Gianmarco Betellini (28) He is the youngest son of Flavia Palmiero and in recent times their lives have been separated since the young man discovered his passion for the culinary arts and decided to go to work as a chef in Europe.

Although Gianmarco is installed in Madrid, he always travels to Argentina in the middle of the year to visit his mother on her birthday -July 11- and also for Christmas and New Year. But now he decided to surprise her mother and accompany her on her vacation to Miami.

In one of his publications, Palmiero shared a photo of Gianmarco, in which he can be seen greatly changed with a marked tan and curlers in the wind. In a note with PEOPLE, the actress explained how happy she is that her son has decided to move from Denmark to Spain for a peculiar reason: the cold.

“I am happy because it was very difficult for me to tolerate the cold in Denmark every time I went to visit him”, assured Flavia, who now tries to make the visits more frequent.

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