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On a passenger plane bound for Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, a drunken passenger caused a ruckus, punching a flight attendant, biting his finger, and going on a rampage. rice field. The incident was filmed by another passenger, and the plane was eventually forced to make an emergency landing at the discretion of the pilot. ■[Video]Turkish Airlines passenger rampages after punching a flight attendant, according to India’s English-language newspaper “Free Press Journal”, the incident occurred on October 12, when a flight from Istanbul to Jakarta took place. Inside a Turkish Airlines flight. The passenger who caused the problem turned out to be Muhammad John Jayz Baudewane (48), who turned out to be a pilot working for Batik Air, a subsidiary of Thai low-cost airline Lion Air. Baudewane said he got drunk on the flight to Jakarta and was told by the flight attendants to keep quiet during the flight. But according to India Today magazine, he was so enraged by the warning that he acted violently, including biting the finger of one of the flight attendants. A video that has gone viral online shows Baudewane and several crew members punching and kicking each other. Baudewane punches a flight attendant holding what appears to be a plastic restraint, and the flight attendant responds with kicks. Other crew members are rushing to try to sort things out. Passenger plane makes emergency landing in North Sumatra Due to the disturbance, the 11-hour flight was cut short after nine hours, and the plane made an emergency landing at Kualanamu International Airport in Medan, the capital of Indonesia’s North Sumatra province. Police chief Sigid Dani Setiono at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta told local media, “The plane in question was forced to make an emergency landing at Kualanamu International Airport after one of its passengers caused a disturbance.” explained. “Turkish Airlines discharged an injured Indonesian passenger at Kualanamu International Airport,” a spokesman for the Jakarta Metropolitan Police said. “This Indonesian citizen, who is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, is currently undergoing treatment at the Kualanamu Clinic.” Lion Air confirmed that Baudewane was an employee, but Baudewane’s actions reflected the company’s values. He also argued that he would not. A few days before the incident occurred, a female passenger threw an object at a flight attendant on a passenger plane bound for New York. When the woman was asked to move the dog under or in front of her seat, which was on her lap, she became furious and attacked her crew. .

Flight attendant punched, bitten… Passengers rampage, Turkish plane makes emergency landing

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