The long weekend lends itself to several celebrities and personalities of the Argentine show business take advantage and enjoy with your loved ones. Not counting those who are going to take a few days traveling around the country, there are also those who are going out to share moments with their family. Flower of the See He is from the latter group.

the driver of Intruders in the showthe noon program of America TVtook advantage of her space to reveal what the romantic evening she plans to enjoy with her husband will be like Pablo Goycochea.

Today I go out with my husband, I already decided. First I go to the movies with the girls, I’m going to see ‘The little Mermaid’. Later, I think I’m going to leave this suit, although I’m not going to the movies like this“He began by saying between laughs and making a reference to his black dress.

Then he added: “Imagine if I go to the movies like this, I go crazy“. While his companions made dimensions, Florence said: “I want to see Javier Bardem of Triton and Melissa McCarthy makes of ursula“, referring to the new live-action of Disney.

A romantic night with sushi included for Flor de la V

After issuing those cinematographic comments, he revealed what his plans are with goycochea:”After that, we go somewhere. For me it has to be something sushi type. we can’t go to cabrera to eat roast, you can’t be pretty with the smell of roast, a liter of red wine and you take me to sleep“, he commented in reference to the Buenos Aires barbecues.

Finally, he threw: “For me it has to be something ChinaAsian food, something spicy to get me up, go for a signature drink, a little fish“, hill Flower of the See before the impossible to stop laughter of his classmates Intruders in the show.

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