Florencia Kirchner turned 33 and published the best photos of her intimate celebration. In the images she was accompanied by her brother, Máximo (46), her daughter, Helena, and by Emilia, his daughter. Of course, in front of the faces of the minors they placed emojis of white hearts to protect their appearances.

Florencia Kirchner’s post.

“Thank you”, was the only thing the birthday girl wrote in the publication that quickly accumulated thousands of likes.

In addition, Florencia shared some photographs with her more than 300,000 Instagram followers in which she is seen about to blow out the candles in the calm of her home and surrounded by very few people. If the entire family circle of hers was present? Just as she showed that her brother was there, she did not give clues about the presence of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, her mother.

Florencia Kirchner blowing out the candles with her brother Máximo.

The preview of Florencia Kirchner’s birthday

Last with 32. Notice from Egolandia that tomorrow I turn 33 and I adore the number. Next week we continue with literature, “wrote the vice president’s youngest daughter the day before her birthday and uploaded a selfie to record the moment.

This is how Florencia Kirchner prepared for her birthday.

This is how big Helena is, the daughter Florencia Kirchner and Camilo Vaca Narvaja

Florence Kirchner he guards his daughter’s appearance, but every once in a while he shows some images of how much she is growing. “She is no longer a baby”, she wrote next to an emoji with a sad face holding Helena (7) with her ex-partner, Camilo Vaca Narvaja (36).

The most recent photo of Helena Vaca Narvaja.

A few months ago, the youngest daughter of Nestor Kirchner shared a video of her daughter while she was writing in a notebook, and there you could see how big she is.

Helena Vaca Narvaja Kirchner.

Photos: social networks.

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