security camera of a buildingor recorded the moment in which a baby carriage, driven by an elderly womanrolled alone onto a fairly crowded road.

The recordings show the moment in which the woman lost control of the cart to transport babies and continued the trip quickly towards the freeway.

Also, the pictures show how a man who identified himself as a former homeless man managed to stop the car and avoid a fatal accident, Well, the woman in charge of the little boy, realizing what happened, tries to go after him, but fails to reach him as he falls to the ground several times.

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The CBS News portal managed to learn more details about what happened, reporting that the event occurred in the city of Hesperia, Los Angeles, and that the minor was under the care of his great-aunt.

The hero of the story was identified as Ron Nessmann, a former homeless person who had just arrived in the city to reunite with his family and rebuild his life.

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Nessman said in an interview that he was sitting in some chairs at a car washwaiting for her sister when he noticed the accident and decided to run to save the minor.

I was thankful that I was in the right place at the right time. (…) I couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t done anything,” said the man in the statements.

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Nessman also claimed that the little boy was unharmed and smiling when he caught it. However, he also assured that the woman “her knees were bleeding, she was traumatized by the fall and because the baby went into traffic (…) I was crying, I was in shock”.


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