Comedian Mauricio Arias, better known as ‘Chicho’, is a comedian and presenter distinguished by his shows full of humor. Recently, he revealed that he underwent a surgical procedure to lose weight.

‘MasterChef Celebrity’ is one of the most watched entertainment programs by Colombians. In its seasons, several participants from the world of entertainment have stood out, such as actors, comedians and singers.

In the past season, the comedian Chicho Arias faced the most challenging kitchen on television. Although he did not manage to be crowned the winner, he was one of the favorites, along with fellow comedian Frank Martínez.

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This was the procedure that Chicho Arias underwent

a few weeks ago, He confessed that he had undergone bariatric surgery in order to lose weight and improve his health. TOIn addition, he revealed that it has not been an easy process, but that he is very satisfied with the results, since he lost more than 22 kilos.

According to the specialized health site ‘Mayo Clinic’, this surgery is performed to help lose excess weight and reduce the risk of future health problems. Potentially heart disease, blood pressure and stroke.

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On his Instagram account, he revealed that the operation was performed on May 8 with the specialist Andrés Pacheco. “Since the fourth day of the operation, my life is ordinary,” he wrote.

Also, he explained that in October 2022 his weight was approximately 135 kilos and by June 2023, he was at 110 kilos, he had lost more than 20 kilos.

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However, he said that not everything had been good in his speech. During the first days, she presented some intestinal problems that passed with the days and treatments assigned.

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The care of this surgery includes definitive healthy changes in the diet and regular exercise to help guarantee the term of the intervention, detailed the aforementioned clinic.

Chicho Arias talks about his participation in ‘MasterChef’

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