Fritanga, with Creole potatoes, black pudding, sometimes sausage, chorizo, arepa and different meats -which sometimes even include pork ribs- has its own festival and is now in its fourth edition.

This one, which now gathers 40 restaurants located mostly in different Bogota market places, will have its inauguration this May 4, at 6 pm in the Plaza del 12 de Octubre, where there are some traditional fritanguerias of the capital, such as lady secondLa Marrana Mona and Punto Clavel, which are part of the festival.

In this short season of fritanga at a good price -goes from May 4 to 7- Restaurants located inside other city squares participate, including those of Siete de Agosto, Las Ferias, Fontibón, Quirigua, Trinidad Galán, Samper Mendoza, La Perseverancia, La Concordia, Kenedy, Restrepo, 20 de Julio, San Carlos , El Carmen and Las Cruces. as well as restaurants specialized in this dish. All participants within Bogotá will have their plate of plicated available for 18,000 pesos.

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Among the novelties of this edition is the participation of 19 establishments located in municipalities other than the capital, such as Chia, Ubaté and Sogamoso. There, each place will manage its own prices.

Squares and restaurants of the Fritanga Fest

Fritanga from the Plaza de La Concordia.

August 7 (Carrera 66 no. 23-30): La Negrita, Diaz restaurant and Alcira restaurant.

Plaza de Trinidad Galán (Carrera 60 n°. 4B-24): Mayis snack bar and Doña Mónica snack bar.

October 12 (Carrera 51 no. 72-13): Doña Segunda picket spot, La Marrana Mona and Punto Clavel

Las Ferias (AK 70 n°. 74-52): Doña Inés, Estrella del mar and Donde Estela.

Plaza del Quirigua (Calle 90 n°. 91-51): BBB, Isme and Rich Arepas and Empanadas.

Samper Mendoza (Carrera 25 no. 22A – 73): Chocontá picket place

La Perseverancia: (Carrera 5 n°. 30A- 30): La Quinta P snack bar, Pili meals, Donde Esperanza Antojos Colombianos and La Cucharita restaurant.

La Concordia (Calle 12C n°. 1 – 40): Recipes from Grandma, Doña Ofelia, La Cocina de Nicolasa, Tía Jackie and La Tulpa.

Kennedy District Plaza (Calle 42 sur n°.78M-50): La Pruebita.

Plaza del Restrepo (Carrera 19 n°.19B-16 south): Picada Tolimense La Ibaguereña restaurant, La Esquina del Sabor and La Negrita snack bar.

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Plaza del 20 de Julio (Carrera 6 n°.24A-30 south): Las Delicias de María; Alby’s restaurant; Doña Chepa restaurant and Donde Fercho y Flor.

Plaza de San Carlos (Calle 51 sur n°.19A – 26): Urban Food South and Doña María restaurant

El Carmen district square (Diagonal 49 south n°.29A- 07): María C restaurant

Las Cruces district square (Calle 26 sur n°.30 – 51): Marina y Sazón de Mama Minga restaurant.

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Plaza de Fontibón (Carrera 103 19 n°. 71 -153): Doña Miriam and De Leo.

Commercial 4 winds (Carrera 26 n°.19 -57 south)