Celebrities and rock fans surrendered to the spectacular closing of kiss in the festival Masters of Rock. The event was held in the Parque de la Ciudad where personalities from the world of Argentine cinema, music and television gathered, Andy Kusnetzoff, Cristian Castro, Lorena Cericioli, Javier Calamaro, and Geraldine Neumannamong others.

Cristian Castro with Manuel Wirzt.

The City Park became the epicenter of rock this weekend with the first Masters of Rock festival, which brought together some of the most iconic bands in the genre. However, the most anticipated and acclaimed show by the public was that of Kiss, who gave their last show in Argentina and announced their withdrawal from the stage.

With an impressive visual display and an impeccable staging, Kiss managed to captivate the crowd with classic songs like “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” and “Rock and Roll All Night”. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons led the concert, accompanied by Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, and said goodbye to the Argentine public with an unforgettable show.

Florencia Suárez and Andy Kusnetzoff were present at Kiss.

But Kiss was not the only attraction at the festival, which also featured performances by the Scorpions and Deep Purple, among other prominent artists. In addition, the event brought together a large number of rock fans of all ages and from different parts of the country, who wore their best metal looks and painted their faces for the occasion.

Lorena Ceriscioli and Roxana Zarecki were present at Kiss.
Rulo Darían was present at Kiss.
Benjamin Alfonso waiting to see Kiss.
Benjamin Alfonso with Linda Morsell.
The stylist Claudio Cerini.
Eleonora Peres Caress said present.
The Minister of Culture of the city of Buenos Aires, Enrique Avogadro also joined the show.
Leo Mateu with the journalist “El Negro” Miller.
Javier Calamaro was enjoying the show with his partner and daughter

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