This Sunday the Martin Iron 2023, awards that distinguish the best work done during the past year on open television. Beyond the controversies that were generated -as every year- by the ternados, the 51st edition of the awards was lived with a lot of tension.

It is that, with the recent scandal of hey mammon and the complaint for abuse of a minor that transcended, the press, telefé and the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA)They were following minute by minute what was happening at the gala. Since the red carpet started – in case the ex-host of Morfi’s Rock appeared–, until the transmission of the contest in case he appeared struck out by the cameras of the channel that sheltered him for little more than a year.

As revealed in show partners this morning, the driver had agreed with the channel to arrive later and not be present during the award ceremony for ‘Best Music Program’. It is intuited that they wanted to prevent it from coming out when they approach the ternados, as well as rule out that it goes up in case La Peña Martin Fierro would have won.

In this sense, at one point, what was supposed to be the wanted of the night seemed not to arrive, in fact, many thought that he had finally given up attending the gala, however, he finally arrived.

Although he was not booed or suffered any altercation, photos of a Jey Mammón alone at his table were leaked, with celebrities who avoided coming across him, but it was not a general slogan. Since just as many dodged the driver, there were many others who came up to greet him or even take a picture with him.

Such was the case with caramelito carrizo, Mariana Brey and Paula Varelawho came to greet him at the table of Morfi’s Rock. In turn, although the cycle highlighted Cirio’s discomfort, the co-host agreed to take a picture with Jey and her partner Rodrigo Cascon.

The selfie that Jey Mammón asked her colleagues from ‘Morfi’: Jesica Cirio and Rodrigo Cascon.

In turn, there were celebrities who Mammon came up and greeted them on his own attitude that the cameras captured, making it clear that there were celebrities who, although they did not slight him, They didn’t put a lot of vibes or air of brotherhood on him.

Among the celebrities who accepted the greeting were: Flower Knoll and German tripel -colleagues from the shortlist and, finally, the winner for ‘Best Music Program’–, Tete Coustarot and Suzanne gimenezwith whom he had a brief exchange of words.

Beto Casella, the panelists from Bendita and Walter from Big Brother gave him the warmest meetingsand the same jey mammon he showed them on his Instagram stories.

The not of Jey Mammón in the Martín Fierro

In turn, according to the El trece cycle, among the celebrities who did not want to cross paths with Jey Mammón were Abel Pintos, myrtha Legrand and the other members of your table. In fact, there was an envoy who came to speak with the driver and gave him to understand that it was not the time for him to approach.

Angel De Brito, Karina Mazzocco and Nancy Steps they were pointed out by the panel as those who would have announced in advance that they were not going to come over to greet him. Another absentee was Coco Silly, who “from a corner watched as Caramelito hugged Jey effusively.” Also, in a one-on-one at the gala, Mammón told Paula Varela that the reason for her loneliness at the table was because “Morfi‘ lost their short list, which caused them to leave: “We lost, we’re leaving.”

All the photos of what was not seen at the Martín Fierro, inside the Hilton

In exceptional coverage, PEOPLE was in the preview of the Martin iron and accompanied a number of celebrities as they enlisted. She also managed to capture the most spontaneous and relaxed moments of the nominees together with her companions before going out on the red carpet.

From Ángel de Brito’s reunion with Pampita, through the family display that Wanda Nara’s family made before going down to the red carpet, to the fashion advice that Juli Poggio gave Nacho from Big Brother in the Hilton elevator . Definitely, there is many anecdotes that only PEOPLE could witness.

The surprising crossing of Pampita and Ángel de Brito before going down to the red carpet.
Although she preferred to take pictures on the red carpet, she agreed to pose with her partner on the jury at Dancing for a Dream.
Yanina Latorre and Ángel de Brito in the corridors of the hotel.
Mauro Icardi and his children while they waited for Wanda to finish taking photos for PEOPLE.
Wanda Nara wore a dress with a 9-meter train by Gustavo Pucheta.
Wanda Nara in a total black look.
Wanda was one of the most anticipated celebrities.
The complete family of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi.
Vero de la Canal, who also dressed Vicky Xipolitakis, found her in the elevators of the Hilton, while jumping from suite to suite (she also dressed Sol Pérez and Juli Poggio).
Sol Pérez, fresh out of her room, agreed to take some photos for PEOPLE with her partner, Guido Mazzoni.
Yanina Latorre and the designer of her look, Jorge Rey, were posing for their networks, when they saw the PEOPLE team and decided to pose. (Photo: Rocío Bustos)
Yanina Latorre before going on the red carpet of the MF 2023. (Photo: Rocío Bustos)

All the privacy of the celebrities who opened their suites to PEOPLE

Dominique Metzger was another of the celebrities who received PEOPLE while preparing for the MF 2023.
Dominique Metzger in her suite, before going down to the red carpet at the MF 2023.
Fabián Zitta dressed Marcos Ginocchio, the GH winner, and opened the doors of his suite to PEOPLE.
The cousin dressed in the suite of Juli Poggio and Daniela Celis.
Juli Poggio wore a dress signed by Vero de la Canal for her walk on the red carpet. (Photo: Rocío Bustos)
Poggio gave the exclusive to PEOPLE of which was all his preparation for the MF 2023.
The designer together with Juli Poggio.
Daniela Celis and her makeup artist, Lautaro Ferrante.
PEOPLE in the back of Daniela Celis’ preparation.
“Pestañela” brought an authentic Cosano to the MF 2023. (Photo: Rocío Bustos)
Nacho Castañera also opened the doors of his suite to PEOPLE.

Photos: Fabian Uset

Videos: Rocio Bustos

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