olympia from Greecethe daughter of Prince Paul of Greecethe legitimate heir to the Hellenic throne -after the death of the last king in January 2023, his father Constantine II-, and Marie-Chantal from Greeceis the Princess who was uprooted from her subjects but who did not stop shining, and show that Blue blood runs through the veins of this “It Girl”.

The truth is that this 27-year-old girl, raised in New York, belongs to a new generation of royals: He prefers to tour cities and create an empirical perception of the world. “I spend the day walking the streets of (neighborhood) Sohowhere I live, visiting galleries or shops vintageand in college, of course,” he said in an interview for Vogue.

Likewise, the Greek princess revealed that she highly values ​​her lifestyle without so many protocols. “At night I usually go to a club with my friends or do culinary outings. i love mexican foodis my downfall, so I’m happy the day I have tacos for dinner,” admitted the future heiress to the Hellenic throne, revealing her multiculturalism.

Olympia from Greece revealed that she prefers to tour the neighborhoods of the city where she lives than to be locked up in a palace.

The life of Olympia of Greece

Olympia from Greece She was raised in New York, though he spent a significant part of his life living in Londonis eldest of five siblings and the only daughter of paul from greece and Marie-Chantal from Greece -daughter of American millionaire Robert Warren Miller and María Clara Pesantes Becerra, an Ecuadorian of humble origins-.

He studied high school at a boarding school in Switzerland and then graduated with a degree in fashion marketing from New York University. A couple of years before, she had studied Photography at Parsons School (2019).

However, this inveterate lover of the fashion industry He assured that, at present, he is on a path that is far from being creative: “In a couple of months I will start studying businessalso in Parsons”.

Princess Olympia of Greece with her parents Prince Paul of Greece and Marie Chantal Miller, May 22, 2019.

However, that does not mean that the Princess of Greece will no longer be seen at the most exclusive parties and the front rows most coveted in Europe and the United States. Events that are part of your usual activities, but let’s remember when At just 11 years old, she attended her first fashion show.

It should be mentioned that the royal Not only has she participated in fashion events as a spectator or consumer, but she has also starred in the campaigns of the most exclusive brands in the fashion industry: Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Michael Korsamong other.

Olympia from Greece participated in campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton.

The Olympia style of Greece: the high class of the 21st century

Although, the princess of greece has ditched the big designer dresses and headpiecesto attend real events, and has replaced them with looks made up of sneakers, boots and handbags of all sizesthe royal It hasn’t lost an ounce of style.

As she grew up and with the help of her mother -another fashionista-, Olympia knew how to develop an exquisite style of fashion, which stands out for combine garments from the most exclusive brands with those of mass consumption: wearing a piece by Yves Saint Laurent with a Topshop garment (British clothing multinational). A recurring effect between high class of the 21st century.

Olympia from Greece on the streets of Paris in a casual, understated look that she elevated with a Louis Vuitton bag. 2021.

On this line, it is very common to see the Princess with very comfortable looks and easy to recreate with brands that are not so luxurious, but that fulfill their mission and do not lose that fashionista impact. Something that earned him to be a reference for young people and show another face of the royals. “My mother has always advised me to keep things simple when it comes to dressing.“, said the young woman to explain the keys to her style.

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