The party of +PEOPLE broke into the Buenos Aires night to mark a new milestone in the history of this medium. to celebrate the International Pride Day (and the month), the referents of the community LGBTIQ+ paraded through the rainbow carpet and they dazzled with their stunning outfits.

More of 200 guests exclusives will enjoy a night with performative shows, DJ and dance in artlabthe innovative space in the heart of the Chacarita neighborhood of Buenos Aires that became the official venue for a celebration with a unique dresscode: More is more.

A night where leaders of the collective such as dyhzy, Jose Maria Musccari, Fabri Watson, Lady Nothing either luchiamong others, celebrated the pride of being who they are, and dazzled with their extravagant looks: full of shine, color and volume.

In this sense, Roseti Street at 93 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita, dressed up from 8:00 p.m. to receive and accompany their entry through a diversity rug: multicolor in honor of the LGBT+ flagwhich became one of the many instagrammable points of this meeting that has the support of absolute and skip.

From left to right: Lady Nada, Dyhzy, Frabir Watson and Luchi.

An LGBTIQ+ milestone in PEOPLE

+PEOPLE It is the first party organized by PEOPLE in it International Pride Day together with artists and community references and prominent personalities who also play a key role in supporting the visibility of diversity.

On that line, the famous enjoyed six performers dressed by Gustavo Pucheta, which stole attention thanks to an action with a mapping accompanied by representative images of the collective. Then DJ Quimey Toro + Lepablot they will put rhythm to the gala, which will be crowned with a show of Princewhich will show the most euphoric and festive side of celebrities such as Juliet Poggio, Lizardo ponce, Daniela celis, Angel De Brito, Dan Breitman, Fabián Medina Floress or Stefano Marocco.

Galán during his presentation at the +GENTE Party.

More is More: a night where pomposity and extravagance prevailed

Fabian Paz, Gustavo Pucheta, Jorge Rey and Fabian Medina Floreswere some of the celebrities who arrived and stole all eyes with their wide looks that covered the entire rainbow carpet.

From left to right: Gustavo Pucheta, Fabian Paz and Fabian Medina Flores on the rainbow carpet.

At the same time, It was Julieta Poggio and Daniela Celis who caused a sensation after their arrival at the +GENTE Party. The first, in addition to her indisputable popularity, arrived with a piece by Pucheta that stopped all the celebrities behind her, while she enjoyed every second of the LGBTIQ+ carpet. Then it would be the turn of Daniela Celis, her great friend from her Big Brother, the one who stole all the flashes with her red dress with her cape.

Julieta Poggio during her arrival at the +GENTE Party.

The crosses left by the +GENTE Party

Like any event, the +PEOPLE party became the epicenter of the celebrations for the International Pride Daywhere figures as Costa, Gabo Usandivaras, La Barby, Luke spadafora either Diana furrowthey chose to attend with their best outfits and share a moment of pride and celebration.

Diana Zurco, Gabo Usandivaras and Costa at the +GENTE Party
Diana Zurco, Gabo Usandivaras and Costa at the +GENTE Party

Such was the case with dyhzy and Juliet Poggiowho starred in the least expected crossing: both surprised with spectacular chemistry.


Another of the most surprising crossings of the night was that of Augustine Barletta known in their networks as @unpapahipster next to Valentina Godfred and Sofia Elliot, who became moms recently. With a warm hug in between, they talked about raising their children and celebrated that their growth can take place “in total freedom.”

Agustín Barletta, Sofía Elliot and Valentina Godfrid
Agustín Barletta, Sofía Elliot and Valentina Godfrid

One of the “intellectual” meetings of the night had to do with the journalist and host of C5N Diana Zurco together with the journalist and activist Franco Torchia. Both are considered two of the referents LGBTQ+ major in the media. Without a doubt, a night of reunion, celebration and anecdotes.

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