One of the most representative symbols of the community LGBTIQ+ worldwide is its flag, which covers different and diverse colors of the rainbow, which have the objective of representing sexual diversity.

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The flag was created in 1978, in the United States, and has been raised in events such as protests, parades and of course, in June, the world gay pride month. It was also designed by the American Gilber Baker, homosexual rights activist who saw in the colors the representation of the community.

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On June 25 of the same year it was created, the artist decided to wave his creation before the crowd at the San Francisco Pride Festival.and that is how it began to be a hallmark of the celebration for this movement.

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Colors of the flag:

According to specialized blogsred represents sexuality and life, orange health, yellow sunlight, green nature, turquoise art, blue serenity and violet spirit.

It should be noted that initially the flag had eight colors but due to production and dye problems at the time, in 1979 it was reduced to six and officially established in 1994, as a flagship of the diverse community.

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Also, during World War II, homosexuals were ordered to wear a pink triangle to identify them, historical moment in which violence and segregation were strong towards the community.

Even, until May 17, 1990, the World Health Organization (WHO) removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses.

However, each social group has its own flag, such as: the flag of trans, bisexual, non-binary, Intersex, Genderqueer, lesbian, asexual pride, among others.

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