One of the characteristic points of Georgina Rodríguez’s style is her inspiration from the great Italian divas, evoking the elegance and sophistication of iconic Hollywood stars. Her wardrobe, accessory, makeup and hairstyle choices reflect the timeless aesthetic of Italian icons, as she knows how to bring her own personality and confidence to every outfit.. Her ability to channel the spirit of these divas has made her a leading figure in the fashion world. and a source of inspiration for those looking for a striking yet sophisticated style.

The couple of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, has captured the attention of the public through Dresses that often flatter your figure and highlight your femininity with soft draping and eye-catching details. Like the Italian divas, Gio shows innate confidence as he wears these outfits with grace and sophistication. Another of the key points of his inspiration lies in the choice of his accessories: high heels, luxury brand bags and exquisite jewelry are key elements in her style.

Lastly, in terms of makeup and hair, Georgina often includes Sleek, polished hairstyles like retro waves or glam updos. As for the makeup, highlights your natural beauty with flawless skin, sensual lips and a seductive look. These looks reflect the timeless aesthetic of Italian divas, who valued sophistication and sensuality in their appearance. All these keys that we have just named are perfectly exemplified in the last ‘look’ that we have seen of the ‘celebrity’.

Georgina Rodríguez in a transparent dress by ‘Blumarine’

The ‘it girl’ has posed on board the ship where she is spending the holidays with her family and has shared several photos on his Instagram profile with the most spectacular styling. with a precious yellow dress signed by ‘Blumarine’ with a mini design and tight to the silhouette. On one side, the upper part, has long sleeves and a round neckline and is made with a transparent fabric. Regarding the skirt, with detail of gathers and two roses on each side of the waist, from which two fabric ribbons fall that give fluidity to the garment. Gio closes the outfit with white high-heeled shoes combined with transparent PVC pieces, a small square coconut bag, black, and large black sunglasses from the firm ‘gcdswear’. The stylist Dav Martens has been in charge of creating this ‘look’ of the celebrity that turns her even more if possible into a diva.

georgina rodriguez yellow dress


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