Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía were captured while enjoying their first vacation together in Dubai. The Univision television program, The fat and the skinnyposted the material on his Instagram account that quickly went viral.

The couple decided to take advantage of the distance that separates them from Shakira, who left Spain in early April to move to Miami with her parents and children.

Gerard and Clara chose the Arab country to live their love idyll freely, thinking that access to the paparazzi would be more difficult. However, his presence in the place did not go unnoticed.

In the video you can see Piqué somewhat uncomfortable with his beach suit, but both quickly get up from their chairs to go to another place. Chía was holding a red rose in her hands and, before leaving the chamber area, the couple was stopped by a child who wanted to greet them.

Shakira’s parents cut all relationship with Gerard Piqué

Shakira with her parents. Photo: social networks.

On April 2, he left Barcelona with his children Milan and Sasha to settle in Miami, where the three hope to start a new life away from the scandals caused by the separation with Gerard Piqué and the appearance of his current girlfriend, Clara Chía.

But in Spain those who had also been installed for 12 years were Shakira’s parents, William Mebarak and Nidia del Carmen Ripoll. The singer’s parents did not take Piqué’s betrayal well at all, because it happened when William was going through a difficult health situation, which kept him hospitalized for several months.

That is why, as soon as they found out that Shakira would leave the continent, they packed their bags without looking back. The Spanish press explained that so that the 91 and 73-year-old couple would not be persecuted by the paparazzi during the move, they took the precautions of leaving a few weeks later trying not to cause any fuss. In addition, Shakira’s parents’ move was not not easy at all because a sanitary truck had to attend to load several oxygen pumps and sanitary devices of the property, which must be installed in the United States, so that William Mebrak can continue with his treatments.

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