The Colombian singer Shakira finished her cycle in Barcelona, ​​where she lived while she had a relationship with the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, and is now based in Miami, where she begins her new life after the breakup.

The woman from Barranquilla arrived in Miami on April 2 and with this change she seeks to distance herself a bit from the media and the controversy that her separation has generated, with follow-ups from the paparazzi, who do not want to lose details of everything that both she and she do. Pique.

Meanwhile, the former player and his new partner, Clara Chia Martí, took a trip to the United Arab Emirates, with the same intention as Shakira: get away from the lenses of the gossip press and celebrate love together.

Kiss of Piqué and Clara Chía.



Pages and pages have been written about Shakira and Piqué after their separation, especially in relation to their separation process and the taunts they threw at each other, especially on the Colombian side.

Precisely, there are still some pending issues to be resolved about the break and for this reason, Piqué plans to travel to Miami soon to fix them from a legal point of view and, incidentally, visit his children, Milan and Sasha for the first time.

The first images of Piqué and Clara Chía’s trip

Piqué and Clara Chía’s trip to the United Arab Emirates had been kept in the strictest confidence, because in that country the paparazzi have more difficulties to work.

However, an account dedicated to following the new couple managed to get a video in which Piqué and Clara are seen together.

There, they are seen on what appears to be a beach, with Piqué dressed in a white T-shirt and his girlfriend with a pair of roses in her hand.


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