Gerard Piqué is currently visiting his children, Sasha and Milan, in Miami (United States), the city where his ex-wife, the Colombian singer Shakira, settled after their separation.

Piqué left Barcelona and his new partner, Clara Chía Martí, for a few days and took advantage of his visit to resolve some pending legal issues that remained from his divorce.

The initial plan was for Piqué to spend ten days a month with his children, but on this occasion, according to press reports, the figure would be lower, because the former Barcelona player had already spent a few days with them at the beginning of April in that city. , before the definitive trip of the Colombian singer.

The paparazzi have not lost track of Piqué during his visit to the United States and from the moment he landed in that city, the cameras began to follow him.

What the ex-soccer player did not count on is that one of the employees of one of the sites he visited was going to photograph him. The image has gone viral on social media.

Gerard Piqué’s plan with his children, related to football

The image reveals Piqué eating with his children at a pizzeria in Miami. In the photo, the president of the Kings League is seen chatting on his cell phone, dressed in black, while Milan, with his back to the camera and standing, dressed entirely in yellow, watches him.

The plan seems very soccer: the pizzeria has many decorations related to Napoli, the team that is about to win a new title in Serie A, after 33 years.

In the images you can see an illustration with the face of Diego Armando Maradona, the club’s greatest idol, and an Italian flag with the Napoli shield in the center.

In addition, there are two shirts hanging on the wall, one with the number 10 that Maradona wore during his time at the club, between 1984 and 1991, and another with the number 14 and the name of Dries Mertens, Belgian player who was at the club until last year and who today plays for Galatasaray in Turkey. Also seen are a couple of scarves and other commemorative items.