In the world of soccer, news about the personal lives of players often captures the attention of the media and fans. One of the most outstanding footballers in this regard is Gerard Piqué, who over the years has been in the spotlight for their love relationships.

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According to the web portal ‘Crónica Global’, the former Barça footballer avoids exposing his public life, but there are many rumors that circulate about him and it has been speculated that the Spaniard has had many partners.

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Núria Tomás, Piqué’s first partner

The magazine ‘Faces’ indicates that, In 2009 they decided to confirm their relationship. Tomás is the daughter of a ham businessman named Enrique Tomás.

Piqué and Núria Tomás had a relationship before the footballer became romantically involved with the famous Colombian singer Shakira.

Although her relationship with Tomás was relatively discreet and together, they lived a stage in their lives, but eventually decided to go their separate ways.

On the other hand, the magazine ‘Lecturas’ mentions that Nuria tried her luck as an actress, although she was not successful. That being the case, she understood that perhaps her career was more about doing what she had loved since she was little: be a businesswoman

He then created two companies, one dedicated to communication and marketing for brands with an eco spirit, and another for fashion.

At the moment, Nuria is married to a businessman named Agus Puig and they have two children.


The web portal ‘Divinity’ mentions that, In November 2010, it was confirmed that Shakira and Piqué were dating.

The break with his previous partners was not particularly easy. Núria has never commented on how those last few months with Piqué were, although she did say that over time she praised Gérard, explaining that he was a ‘very good person’.

However, the same did not happen with Antonio de la Rúa, that started a series of million-dollar lawsuits with which he had been his partner.

Despite everything, they soon made their relationship official, they went to live together in an impressive mansion in Barcelona and they had two children, Milan and Sasha. However, they are currently separated.

The couple reached a custody agreement for their children in November 2022.


Instagram: @3gerardpique

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Clara Chía, his current partner

The magazine ‘Faces’ indicates that, The first time they were seen together in public was weeks after the singer’s separation at a concert where they were very much in love.

The 24-year-old is a public relations student and they would have met when she worked as a waitress in a nightclub.

The Spanish newspaper ‘Sport’ mentions that Clara Chía Martí has ​​become one of the most controversial characters in the media.

According to the most repeated version in the media, They met at Kosmos, Gerard Piqué’s company. The young woman was the girlfriend of one of the Spaniard’s friends and the athlete got into the middle of the relationship, thus making her his current partner.

Piqué and Clara already lead a normal life and do not hide their love.


Instagram @3gerardpique

Possible romances of Gerard Piqué

The magazine ‘Caras’ exposes that, before being in a relationship with the Colombian Shakira A possible affair with the model Bar Rafaeli was rumored and he has been linked to a lawyer named Julia Puig.

Various media claim that the player had a brief affair with the lawyer, when I was still with the barranquillera. Julia Puig is the cousin of soccer player Riqui Puig and would have worked on her divorce from the Colombian.


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