Gerard Piqué and Shakira are still in the news. The former Barcelona player and the Colombian singer appear every day in the tabloid headlines for any detail that alludes to the relationship they had for twelve years and ended more than 365 days ago.

This Monday, a couple of hours after Piqué was seen at the ‘La Velada’ event, hosted by his friend Ibai Llanos, the former Catalan defender was so sure of himself that he offered to “teach me how to manage couple crises”.

This was implied in the last talk he had with his colleagues from the King’s League, the project with which he unites football and entertainment.

Piqué’s idea sparked ridicule at the time. Later, Shakira’s fans criticized him for his attitude.

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Gerard Piqué, criticized for being an “expert in couple crisis”


Twitch Capture by Gerard Romero, iStock

In the last broadcast of the King’s League ‘show’ on Twitch, the ‘streamer’ DjMaRiiO appeared with his partner Noelía San Martín, in separate rooms.

“Do they connect from separate rooms?”, asked them Gerard Piqué.

“Yes, we are angry,” replied DjMaRiiO between laughs.

followed step, Piqué said: “If you want, I’ll give you some classes later…”

The interlocutors began to laugh and Piqué reacted.

“You have to manage crises as a couple, it’s another moment that passes…”

“You’re good at that (managing couple crises), aren’t you?”pointed out Ibai Llanos.

Laughter closed the scene. Later, the criticism reached Piqué on social networks.

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