Headings: MCR is Gerard Way’s Baby

Gerard Way and Joe Rogan Discuss MCR’s Return on The Joe Rogan Experience

Gerard Way, the lead vocalist of My Chemical Romance (MCR), recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast to discuss the band’s highly anticipated reunion.

MCR’s Reunion

MCR announced their reunion in 2019 after a six-year hiatus. The band has since embarked on a successful reunion tour, playing sold-out shows around the world.

Way’s Thoughts on the Reunion

On the podcast, Way opened up about his initial hesitations about reuniting MCR. He admitted that he was initially afraid that the reunion would tarnish the band’s legacy. However, after speaking with his bandmates, he decided that the time was right.

“We had a lot of conversations,” Way said. “And we all agreed that we had something special, something that we needed to share with the world again.”

The Future of MCR

Way also discussed MCR’s plans for the future. He revealed that the band is working on new music and that they have plans to tour again in the near future.

“We’re just getting started,” Way said. “We have a lot of great things in store for our fans.”

Joe Rogan’s Reaction

Joe Rogan was a huge fan of MCR’s music, and he was excited to have Way on the podcast. He praised the band’s unique sound and their ability to connect with fans on a deep level.

“You guys have a special gift,” Rogan said. “Your music has helped me through some tough times.”


The appearance of Gerard Way on The Joe Rogan Experience was a major moment for MCR fans. Way’s candid discussion about the band’s reunion and their plans for the future has only increased the excitement surrounding the band’s comeback.