The renowned chef Germán Martitegui (56) was encouraged to talk about a super intimate topic that causes concern: children’s nutrition. The exjured of masterchef he is the father of two boys, Lorenzo (4) and Lautaro (3), and detailed how he feeds them at home; and what do they do when facing social events, such as birthdays, where they are exposed to consuming any type of junk food.

martitegui He is very popular for being the meat expert, however, at home he is a vegetarian and that is where part of the “drama” he lives with his children begins. “Now we are vegetarians, so they don’t understand that I eat meat on television”explained the chef to Maria Laura Santillan for Infobae. “The other days they saw me eating meat on TV and it was a shock,” she added.

Lorenzo and Lautaro, the sons of Germán Martitegui.

“Aren’t you scared when they know the rest of the food?” the journalist asked him. “They are free to eat whatever they want. At home they will eat well. things that are healthy”, he explained, although he also assumed that he is aware that when they go to other houses they can eat anything.

Germán Martitegui with his children in the MasterChef studio

Germán Martitegui spoke about soft drinks and food with flour in his children’s diet

“There is a moment when the children go out into the street, you already told them what you could… They go to birthday parties and they look like two starving kids because they are next to the cornstarch alfajores table and they eat one after the other.. They come back from birthdays with a round belly… But hey, enjoy it!”, he concluded German Martitegui about his two children.

On the other hand, the chef assured that sugary or cola drinks are prohibited in his house. A few years ago, in an interview with Germán Paoloski, Martitegui told how the reaction was when one of his children tried the cola drink for the first time. “He was trying it out and he looked at me as if to say ‘dad, you have no right, you deprived me of this for three years’. In fact, they don’t know what it’s called.”he told at the time.

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