A few weeks ago, Lisa Vera and lowrdez of Bandana they ignored their ex-colleagues mambrú saying that they were failures and that none of them spoke after the end of the band that caused a sensation twenty years ago. Although two of them came out to answer him, now Geronimo Rauch, who built an international career, came to the crossroads.

“The reality is that everyone has their truth. What Lowrdez says is what they believe. Our difference with them is that we get together periodically, have a barbecue, get drunk. We are friends and I think they don’t get together. But hey, we have a chat, we talk,” said the singer.

Los Mambrú in a vintage production of GENTE.
Los Mambrú in a vintage production of GENTE.

The male band was formed on a reality show like its female predecessor and consisted of Paul Silberberg, Emanuel Ntaka, German “Tripa” Tripel, Geronimo Rauch and Milton Amadeo.

Germán Tripel’s strong message against Lissa Vera and Lowrdes

I feel that they are the aunts who do not want to leave the party“Said the singer in Socios del espectaculo, implying that the artists failed to release the band that exploded more than twenty years ago.

“I love them and we never had any problems. Neither between us nor with them. They were the ones who were jealous of us because we had much more freedom.. We live in a macho society and men always have more freedom. We would have to ask them why in Peru and Chile we did telethons together and there were even little bits,” he said.

What the Bandanas said about the Mambrú

“I don’t know if they like the comparison very much,” he threw Mariana Brey after looking at the annoyed faces of the two guests on the El Trece program. About, lowrdes He said without filters and with his classic irony: “We hated them.”

The Bandana in its beginnings.
The Bandana in its beginnings.

“We when it was the election of the mambrú we were very full. In fact, I found out Spain what were they called mambrú because my brother sent me an email killing himself laughing”, threw lissa to complement the information of her friend and colleague.

“They took that success that you had. It was the same in the men’s version,” he added Virginia Gallardo. For his part, lourdes expressed: “What I understood is that mambrú It was short-term because they denied a little of what they had gone looking for”.

Then, she added: “That seemed strange to me because we, last of all, fell into a place where they said: ‘If you like to sing and dance, come.’ of five girls.”

At that moment, lissa He closed the topic by saying: “On the other hand, the Mambrú knew what they were going for and ended up throwing a shoe at people more or less. One rebelled and ended all half of heavy metal. They couldn’t even see each other.”

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