Christian “the ogreFabbiani He was not invited to his first daughter’s 15th birthday, umfruit of the love that he once had with Amalia Granata. Now, his current wife, Gimena Vascon talked with intruders to comment what you think about the situation.

Honestly, it is a very sad and delicate situation for everyone. Hopefully time will help heal wounds, and father and son can rebuild the relationship because we are all family“, said Karina Iavicoli when reading a message gascon.

Then he added: “I have been with you for 10 years Fabian and I was always on the side of love and uniting despite everything. The adults did what they could at the time and opened a door exposing more than was due. Today it is very difficult not to talk and perhaps trying to calm the waters when the media also talks is complicated“.

The Ogre’s harsh posting after not being invited to his daughter’s 15th

Through instagram, the former soccer player threw several hints. “In the distance my first female daughter was born️, UMA️. From that day on my life was going to change for the better. I don’t know if I was a good father or a bad father, what I believe is that I always did everything so that you love me as a father. Life often teaches you to weather storms, although you never know what you might get as a parent, and you taught me that the truth always wins.“, it started Fabbiani.

Today at 15 years old I just hope you are happy. Nothing else matters, only your happiness. I had to go through a lot of shit that I didn’t deserve because of what nefarious people said. And here I am still standing with a beautiful family that gave me life 10 years ago, with 3 dream children.“said the current coach.

Then he added: “When you love a child as a separate parent, you can put up with everything but everything that life touches. And it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you always suffer more than necessary because many times you cannot be there to help. You miss thousands of things next to your children just for being apart“.

Time is always right. Lies don’t last forever. Life is always fair for the one who tells the truth. Time teaches you to become strong. Life 15 years ago already taught me that true love exists and is called UMA. That whenever you are happy daughter, dad loves you“, closed the post Fabbiani.

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