William gave a very special moment in the middle of the coronation concert that took place this afternoon at the windsor castle. The prince began with complete assurance: “Dad, we are all so proud of you“.

“My father’s first words as he entered Westminster Abbey yesterday were a promise of service, a promise to continue to serve. Because for over 50 years, in every corner of the UK, the Commonwealth and the world, it has been dedicated to serving others.”he assured before a crowd.

As my grandmother said when she was crowned, coronations are a statement of our hopes for the future.”, the prince maintained before the attentive look of his father who was moved when he remembered the late queen. “And I know she’s up there, keeping a loving eye on us. And I would be a very proud motherhe added

In closing, he proudly thanked the “millions of people who serve, in the armed forces, in the classroom, in hospitals and in local communities.”

“I pledge to serve you all: King, Country and Commonwealth”were his last words before the crowd and in the midst of an ovation.

How was the coronation concert

London dressed up for a party once again and celebrated the coronation of King Carlos III with a concert in front of more than 20,000 people. The entrance was free and had to be previously requested by the official sites of the event. Presentations of Andrea Bocelli, Katy Perry and lionel richie.

“My set is a little different today,” he wrote. Katy Perry from his Instagram account. There she revealed her incredible golden dress and part of the magnificent scenery that was prepared for her show.

One of the most anticipated moments was the concert of lionel richie. The singer played his greatest hits and managed to stand up the entire first row in which the king and queen were.

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