Popularly, it is often said that A mother’s love can do everything and this is reflected in the case of Gaziely Alves Régis, who suffers from giant hydrocephalus, a condition that causes an excessive amount of cerebrospinal fluid to accumulate in the brain.

When her mother, Adalgisa Alves, was pregnant, she had many medical problems, as she contracted rubella, a virus that according to the ‘Center for Disease Control and Prevention’ can cause a spontaneous abortion or unborn babies are at risk of suffering serious birth defects.

Her baby Gaziely was born with hydrocephalus and unlike other cases this one was quite serious. For this reason, the doctors told him that he would only have three months to live, however, with his care, today he is 29 years old and is known as the giant baby.

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His hydrocephalus is a rare case

In most cases, the treatment of hydrocephalus is surgical and a shunt is placed, a valve whose function is to drain excess fluid. But this method could not be used in Graziely. Currently, she cannot see, speak or walk, however her mother assures that she feels and hears.

“We talk, she smiles. Doctors can even say that she doesn’t understand anything, that she has no brain. But for me, she understands”, Adalgisa told the outlet ‘Oimpartial’.

During all these years, Graziely has grown strong and healthy. However, her immune system is fragile, which caused her mother to quit her job to dedicate herself exclusively to her.

“I don’t expect anything from her. I only give what I can give, which is my love. It’s really love. There is no other word. I love her, just the way she is, ”Adalgisa told the aforementioned medium.

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The challenges they have had to face due to their illness

Adalgisa Alves and her daughter live in a residential house in Nova Terra, in São José De Ribamar, Brazil. However, her life has not been easy, because when she quits her job, she pays for her medical and household expenses with donations that can be made.

In that sense, They have carried out different campaigns to raise funds to cover the expenses of the young woman, pay some bills, buy products and food for Graziely.

“Graziely needs geriatric diapers from the BigFral Plus brand, Mucilon in different flavors, milk flour, Neston, whole milk powder,” said the mother in ‘Jornal Pequeño’.

He also pointed out that they accept donations of the basic food basket. In addition, she has asked for help to buy a chair and a special mattress that will allow her daughter to be comfortable and also help her move her to different places.

The challenges that the family has had to face are not only economic, because at home they also have problems with the mobility of the young woman, because most of the time she has to lie down and to move her from one side to the other she needs to carry her and due to her daily effort, Adalgisa has a herniated disc.

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However, the difficulties are not only inside their home, but also outside, since Graziely’s weight and the lack of access make it difficult to move her from one end to the other, for example, on the street where they live it is usually very narrow for the chair and although they have a ramp at the entrance of the house it is not easy to get in and out with it.

At the moment, Adalgisa does everything possible so that her daughter has a good quality of life and always has all the careFor this reason, they constantly run campaigns on social networks to receive donations from people.


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