Greeicy Rendón will soon publish her third studio album, ‘Yeliana’, a very personal work nourished by the transversal experience of motherhood, which led her to find a vital link with other young mothers like her, as he explained in an interview with EFE.

“Yeliana we are all those women who have shown ourselves what we are capable of,” said the singer, who has used an alter ego for her next recording project, Yeliana, which is her second name and with which she has incidentally portrayed the history of many single mothers.

The videos of the first five singles from this album, the last one, ‘Zha’, published on July 7, show the Colombian in the skin of Yeliana, a woman who meets a boy with whom she develops a passionate relationship, but becomes pregnant and becomes a single mother.

“This is the story of many women, single mothers who have made a lot of sacrifices and who still continue to move forward,” said the interpreter, who last year gave birth to Kai, the son she has with her romantic partner, the also singer Mike Bahia.

She relates that without living in her own flesh and for the first time the experience of motherhood, this recording project would not have been possible, which she had been thinking about for a couple of years, in the midst of a search process in which songs with the that he felt an affinity, but that they “had no context” with what he was publishing at the time.

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“I feel that in the end life is perfect and (the album) is postponed because it had to be at the moment it was,” explained the caleña.

‘Yeliana’, which will contain eleven songs and will possibly be published towards the end of July, is in some way a tribute to all the “mother courage of the world” and will contain collaborations with singers like Danny Ocean, with whom he sings ‘Zha’, and Goyo, vocalist of ChocQuibTown, with whom he sings a duet ‘Misleading advertising’.

Greeicy turned to that tribute with half a dozen songs written with her own handwriting, a challenge that she set out for herself when she had less time but decided to take on it to show herself that she is capable, just as the single mothers she met at the disc production process.

“I relied on the stories that all these women told me and they shared their intimacy with me and I could also understand it and I could transmit it, because I was living it,” she explained.

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“It has been looking at them, seeing them as they live it, looking at me, inspiring me with them and they with me,” he added. He says that a point in common with all the mothers he knew is the fear that this “disagreement” arouses between motherhood and the moment it comes to them. “We wondered if we were going to be able to continue being that woman that we had been building all our lives.”

The good response that the first singles of ‘Yeliana’ published to date have obtained, such as ‘Que me quiera’, ‘Lokita’, ‘I Try For You’ and ‘Química’, they give him clues that he is on the right track and that perhaps his audience has now expanded.

“Mothers, regardless of the context, who have felt identified with what I have been telling about motherhood,” he said.

Her case, and that of her alter ego Yeliana, is also like that of many professional women, who are forced to learn to navigate between incipient motherhood and a professional career, with the addition that the music industry is going at “a speed faster and faster. I am that woman who now, being a mother, having different times, is in this struggle to find a way to continue belonging to this dream that I love.. And Yeliana are all those women who continue to move forward from their realities, “she said.

In his case, he has chosen to be patient, navigate at his speed and “aware that something has definitely changed”, for which “the weight of haste” and accelerated rhythms have been removed. “Of course, sometimes I forget and I want everything to work as before, but it is inevitable that everything works differently,” acknowledged the Colombian, who does not rule out a second child in the future. “In about three years maybe,” she pointed out.



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