The month of April and Seville are an inseparable couple. The fair of this Andalusian town has become one of the leading celebrations in Spain for many reasons, but if there is one that the most ‘fashionistas’ love, it is that This party brings together countless familiar faces wearing their best clothesboth the latest models of the regional Sevillana or gypsy costume, as well as sophisticated outfits from which we do not want to miss a single detail to be inspired later on future occasions.

The April 2023 Fair is held this year between the 23rd and 29th of the month. The date of this Sevillian celebration varies according to the year, since it is related to Holy Week (it is celebrated two weeks later after Easter Sunday), but if there is something that is immovable every year, it is that the starting gun of this party gives it an event that is also very special, it is the ‘Night of the Pescaíto’. And, as its own name indicates, fried fish is the great protagonist. This party began to be celebrated in 1846 and over time it has become the event that serves as the starting point for the April Fair. This year it took place on Saturday April 22 and there are many ‘lookazos’ that we have been able to register among his assistants, but one of those who does not stop accumulating ‘likes’ on social networks is that of Carmen Lomana.

Carmen Lomana and her great dress at the April Fair

Carmen Lomana has published a ‘reels’ on her Instagram account in which we can see her wearing a great dress that The celebrity has chosen to enjoy the traditional ‘Night of the Pescaíto’, the festivity that marks the start of the Seville April Fair. For this party, the use of the typical gypsy costume is not appropriate, there is a whole code of how to dress for the Seville Fair. The guests bet on ‘looks’ that are not folkloric but sophisticated, as is the example of the ‘socialite’, who has opted for a design signed by ‘Zimmermann’ for this event. It is a long green dress with short but puffed sleeves and a ‘V’ neckline., adorned with a large necklace of ivory stones. The design of this dress is fitted at the waist and from it falls a flowing flared skirt with pleated details throughout the entire garment. Carmen has combined this piece with a white manila shawl with flower embroidery and gold heeled sandals. The final touch of this ‘look’ is added by a small fuchsia pink bag.

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