The designer Vicky Martín Berrocal In addition to being strongly recognized in the world of Spanish fashion, thanks to her talent and designs, she is also It has positioned itself as one of the style benchmarks in our country. Each of his appearances or his social networks have become a temple of inspiration when we don’t know what to wear or how to wear it. And recently, he has hit the nail on the head again with his latest ‘look’, which he has shared on his Instagram profile. A carousel of photographs from an outing with friends to eat at a restaurant in the city of Madrid, and she has won us over with a fresh and flattering ‘look’.

Vicky Martín Berrocal and her green satin bomber

The outfit that the Sevillana has worn is made up of white shirt and jean pants, wide legged and frayed at the hem, both garments white. Like the sports shoes that close the ‘look’. He Color point of this ‘outfit’ is added by a green bomber jacket with a satin finish of a Spanish firm ‘María Dolores Guillén’. And also a square bag of the same tone. This choice by Vicky, in addition to being the most successful and elegant, is perfect for the spring-summer season, thanks to the freshness and lightness of the tones. chosen.

What stands out most about this ‘look’ is the contrast of colors and the incorporation of sportswear, such as bomber jackets or sports jackets, which provides a touch of originality and modernity without ceasing to be a most elegant style. The Sevillian designer always knows how to make each garment her own and stands out for her own style and his ability to combine garments and colors in an innovative and attractive way. And this last combination is no exception.

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