With an atmosphere of nostalgia for past decades, the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Under the concept of rockin’ vintage Several figures from the national show business passed through the purple carpet wearing their best looks, inspired by the 70s, 80s and 90s.

In addition to fashion, music also accompanied the event. DJ Julio Victoria was in charge of the show that set the scene for the event, in which cinema and fashion merge and which is becoming a recurring setting to highlight local talent.

Bettina Dereser, creative director of Bettina’s Closet and Fabián Rodríguez, designer and stylist.


Courtesy Cinecolor

Likewise, Colombian brands dressed some celebrities alluding to the concept that had a styling of Manly Week, a Colombian fashion collective, led by Fabián Rodríguez, fashion designer and participant in the first fashion show that was held in the Plaza Núñez of the Congress of the Republic.

“For this edition it was very special because I was part of the designers and also as a stylist for celebrities. It is something very nice because we see co-creation, new brands and we dress up again for events and we get out of the routine,” said Rodríguez, who was in charge of the looks of Francisca Estevez and Olga Lucía Vives.

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In addition, the actors of the series La Primera Vez, Mateo Mazo, Angelo Valotta and Cristian Duque wore Little Ramonas clothes inspired by Rock&Roll and Punk, unique and exclusive pieces by Lora & Disco, timeless, genderless and minimalist jewelry of SLL Sofía Llanos and the treasures of the circular fashion from Bettina’s Closet.

“Here each one comes with a character on. They know that they have to come with the best appearance and it is very nice that they have thought of Bettina’s Closet for this. For example, there is a very special kimono that I brought from New York, which I had as one of the most special treasures and today they are wearing it”, commented Bettina, the creative director of said brand focused on second-hand clothing, focused on pieces with added value and that does not have any garments in its catalog. fast fashion.

Likewise, some of the talents wore garments from the special Guardians of the Galaxy collection in collaboration with Arturo Calle on the purple carpet, made up of pieces such as jackets and T-shirts alluding to the film and iconic characters from the Marvel trilogy.


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